Beautiful mural art from artist Aryz.

Justin Van Genderen

Justin Van Genderen has created a fun set of comic book themed travel posters.

Victo Ngai

Illustrator Victo Ngai creates whimsical worlds with her own unique flavor of style.

F. Scott Fetchgerald- No Regrets

Upon learning that I was highlighted on Regretsy this week, a brief twinge of concern passed through me. Regretsy is the hilariously witty clearinghouse for all things gone horribly wrong in the world of art and crafting. Thanks to a shout out from Dane over at Monkey Minion Press, I learned I was part of Regretsy’s “Awesome Purchase of the Week” post. Thanks to April’s kind words of support and spotlight on F. Scott Fetchgerald, I spent the next 24 hours constantly fulfilling Etsy orders. Thank you Regretsy and all that came by to shop!

Elaine Penwell

Elaine Penwell’s mastery of the knife gives a positive spin to the term paper cut.

Dana Tanamachi

Behold the steady hand skills of talented chalk artist Dana Tanamachi.

Dan Hipp

Dan Hipp’s mashups of Tin Tin covers are loads of fun.

Pavel Paratov

For full credits visit Pavel Paratov on the Behance Network

Wolfgang Amadeus Monkzart

Just added to the online shop:
Wolfgang Amadeus Monkzart, Classical era composer and inventor of the Vienna Sausage.

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New Literary Pets

A fresh batch of “Literary Pets” have been added to the Etsy shop. Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Drools Verne, Willa Catter, William Pawkner and Laura Bengal Wilder. From William Pawkner’s Etsy item description: From Oxford, Mississippi, William Pawkner was considered one of America’s most important Southern authors. He wrote novels, short stories, essays and screenplays. Among his famous works are”The Hound and the Fury,” “As I Lay Panting” and “The Rovers.”

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Damien Rudd

Damien Rudd’s photography, titles and descriptions are both thought provoking and beautiful.

Timba Smits

Graphic goodness from the mind of London-based, world’s tallest mental ninja Timba Smits.

Melissa Haslam

Whimsical and hyper-real paintings from Melissa Haslam.

Inception Graphic

Here’s a fun visual timeline graphic representation of events for Christopher Nolan’s film “Inception” by dehahs. (Click graphic for larger view.)

Raymond Lemstra

Wonderful totem-inspired work from artist Raymond Lemstra.

Lindsey Carr

Lush and detailed wildlife paintings by Scottish artist Lindsey Carr.

Shawn Smith

Pixilated technique dubbed “Re-Things” from Austin-based artist Shawn Smith.

Mini Me

Through multi-angle photography, face-mapping, custom 3D printing (and throw in a giant bag of cash), the Clone Factory can re-create you as an action figure. Via ShortList.

Star Wars Art: Visions

Star Wars Art: Visions features the art of a wide range of artists, illustrators, designers, and cartoonists that interpret the many facets of the Star Wars universe. Featured above: Luke’s Lesson by Jacob Pfeiffer.

Waste Landscape

Installation by Elise Morin and Clemence Eliard composed of 65,000 old CDs hand sewn together. More images via designboom.