ChetArt Keychains

A selection of ChetArt images are now available on keychains. Maple and cherry wood plywood, laser engraved with leather strap and steel ring.

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Drum Solo- Deep Cuts Show

“Drum Solo” signed limited edition prints are now available in the ChetArt shop. Created for Guzu Gallery’s “Deep Cuts” music themed art show, remaining 11 x 14 giclee prints are from an edition of 25.

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Michal Sawtyruk

Illustrations by Michal Sawtyruk.

Amok Island

Graphic murals by Amok Island.

Andrei Lacatusu- Social Decay

Social Decay series by Andrei Lacatusu.

Twilight Zone Tribute Art on SYFY

My tribute art will be showcased during the New Year’s Day Twilight Zone marathon on the SYFY channel.

Gallery 1988 Postcard Show 2017

Gallery 1988 presents a Postcard Correspondence show. All pieces take the form of actual postcards, suitable for framing or mailing. My contribution is the limited edition signed and numbered 4” x 6”  “Land of Kaiju” card. Purchase for $5 each via the gallery link below.

Gallery 1988 Online link

Kit Paulson

Wearable glass sculptures by Kit Paulson.

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

Wonderfully manipulated images by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

ChetArt Greeting Cards

New greeting cards in the ChetArt shop: “Alien Zen” and “Nap.”

Victor Medina

Hogwarts houses poster series by Victor Medina.

Guillermo Del Toro Show- Copro Gallery

“Cthulhu Illuminated” monoprint- Giclee print with gold foiling pen details. Created for Copro Gallery’s “Guillermo Del Toro: Inspirations, Curiosities & Other Oddities show.

Gallery Link

Niaz Uddin

The photography of Niaz Uddin.

Lisa Ericson

Stunning animal portraits by Lisa Ericson.

Marco d’alfonso

Artwork by Marco d’alfonso

Book Cover Animations

More Covers from Henning M. Lederer

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places from Fábio Araujo

Jordan Bolton

Movie wardrobes by Jordan Bolton.

Bill Domonkos

Raku Inoue

Insect shapes using flowers by Raku Inoue.