David Brodeur- Sight Series

Sight Series from David Brodeur

Brendan Monroe

“Mind Over Matter” by Brendan Monroe


Animated illustration by Waneella.

Ayham Jabr

Photo collage work by Ayham Jabr.

Dario Maglionico

Paintings by Dario Maglionico

Action Figure Mashups

@hotkenobi creates fun action figure photography. via My Modern Met

Genesis- Philat Matveev

Genesis. from Philat Matveev

Gummy Bears in My Head

Gummy Bears in my Head from Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro

Love is Love

Love Is Love from Heckler

Steeven Salvat

Cancer Gigalain | Timelapse Making-Of from Steeven Salvat

Matthieu Bourel

“Child Psychiatry”

Ann Carrington

Bouquet made from utensils by Ann Carrington.

Lesya Poplavskaya

“The Dream” by Lesya Poplavskaya

Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov re-imagines classical painting figures into modern life.

Leland Foster

Animations by Leland Foster

Matthew Malkiewicz

Train photography by Matthew Malkiewicz.

Zim & Zou- Forest Folks

Forest Folks paper sculpture by Zim & Zou.

Blackadder Series

The genius of Rowan Atkinson, the writing, the supporting cast and the clever timeline of four series makes Blackadder puts it at the top of a British humor hall of fame. My tribute to all four seasons takes the form of matchbox labels.

~Available here~

Loving Vincent

Atomic- CCAD Illustration

Atomic from CCAD Illustration