Dogs: A Fetching Deck of Playing Cards


“Dogs: A Fetching Deck of Creative Canines” is a plastic coated poker sized playing card set. 52 individual unique and whimsical face cards showcase dogs as authors, artists, musicians and movie stars. Set includes 2 jokers and 4 suit cards and a custom back.


Standard poker playing card size. Casino quality, plastic coated. Each suit represents one of four areas of the arts: Literature, Art, Music and Film.

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Hearts Group

Clubs Group

Diamonds Group

Spades Group

BackJoker Group

BoxElements Group


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State of Play- Lumino City

Lumino City – Official Trailer from State of Play

Patrick Poelchau- Journey Alpha

Journey Alpha from Patrick Poelchau

Monument Valley

Monument Valley puzzle game inspired by M.C. Escher.

Monkey Memory Match Game

Just released and available in the Etsy shop: The Monkey Memory Match Game. Test your memory using 24 pairs of Chet Phillips monkey illustrations. Simply lay out the 48 tiles, pattern side up in a grid 6 across and 8 down (or 8 across and 6 down if residing in Australia) and turn two over at a time to find a match. Perfect for two players or enjoy testing your monkey memory solo.

Monkey art mounted on sturdy mat board. Each tile measures 2″ x 2.25″ and are packaged in a 5″ x 7″ box with instructions.

(Cheeky Monkey decal on the box bottom, signed by the artist.)

Make a Monkey Mental Note to visit the Etsy Shop listing for more details.