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ChetArt shirts on sale for Black Friday at TeePublic.

ChetArt @ Blue Genie Art Bazaar


The Blue Genie Art Bazaar will open on Black Friday 10AM in Austin, TX. The holiday shopping event runs 10AM-10PM every day through Christmas Eve. Over 200 artists will be represented with a wide range of products. Learn more about the event on their official web page here.




Blue Genie Art Bazaar Official Web Page

Childhood 2016 Wall Calendar


12 full color illustrations from the “Childhood” series have been brought together to create a whimsical 2016 wall calendar. A variety of pop culture characters exhibit nostalgic childhood activities, from kite flying, catching fireflies, playing with a favorite toy or game and much more. Calendar page spreads measures at 11″ x 17″ vertically. Along with indications of major holidays, there are also fun pop culture milestones sprinkled throughout. Cover is printed on sturdy 100 lb. cover stock with high gloss finish with interior calendar pages printed on 80 text stock.

Don’t attempt to function in 2016 without a Childhood calendar on your wall!

~Shop for Childhood Calendars Here~

CalendarCoverBack500Calendar back showcases all 12 months



DecPage500Dimensions when open- 11″ x 17″

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SDCC 2015 Wrap Up

ChetArtSetUpPhoto courtesy Brandon/Austin Books and Comics

Another great year at San Diego’s International Comic Con has come and gone. We had a fantastic week of sales, fun and time visiting with wonderful friends. The new Kaiju Baseball card sets, posters and pins were very well received, along with the Ten Tall Tales books and pop culture cats postcard sets. Below are some visual highlights from the show.


AdamSmasherHCGpictured: Dion Rogers of Blizzard and Adam Smasher

One of the highlights for me was a visit from Adam Smasher, owner of Hero Complex Gallery in L.A. I’ve had the pleasure of being in several of Adam’s awesome pop culture themed shows over the last couple of years. I look forward to participating in his exciting line up of 2015 fall shows.

BoothActivityWe stayed in a storm of constant activity throughout the length of the show. This shot represents one of the calmer moments. A big shout out thank you to ALL the incredible supporters who visited with words of support and $.

KenLampaughKen Lamplugh stopped by the booth, sporting his ChetArt T-Shirt. Thanks Ken, for all your great support.

EvilBeerOur great booth neighbors Ryan and Paul. Paul shows off his new drink koozie line with “Am I in the Mood for Evil or Beer?” (Ryan appears to have made his choice.) You couldn’t ask for better neighbors and these guys always make me laugh with their great sense of humor and awesome creativity.

ChetArtBooth1Posing at the booth with my lovely and talented wife Julie of Dancing Cat Bindery. She went above and beyond this year, putting together a beautiful binding for our Ten Tall Tales.

Curio and CoOur great friends over at Curio & Co. make each trip to SDCC even more special with their friendship and support. Cesare’s awesome Tarot Deck is a thing of beauty. Get your deck HERE while they last.

BatmanstatueBaitBareBearsBustDeliveryFrankHotWheelsHulk_HulkbusterHulkbusterKeith1Keith2Men In BlackmonkeypirateR2D2_1R2D2_2R2D2_3R2D2_4R2D2_5R2D2_6R2D2_7WalkingDead1WalkingDead2Warcraft3A_13A_23A_33A_4AsheSmallPressGangOur great Small Press neighbors!

GogoSo long San Diego…till next year!!

ChetArt- SDCC 2015 Small Press


In addition to signed prints, stickers and the Childhood Book, new for this year’s San Diego Comic Con from Chet Phillips:

The Chet Phillips Small Press table- O-01 is located across from Oni Press

Kaiju Baseball- Cards, Poster, T-Shirts & Pin


Kaiju Baseball imagines an alternate universe in which kaiju creatures from the Godzilla and Ultraman worlds play baseball. The Demon Monster League is comprised of 4 teams with 9 players represented for each: Tokyo Terrors, Matsumoto Mutants, Fuji Fiends and Kyoto Kaijus. This parody mashup of Japanese monster and baseball fun is represented as a collection of baseball trading cards, an 18″ x 24″ poster and a selection of t-shirt designs. Each are listed below with details and links to browse in the online shop.


~Kaiju Baseball Card Set~

Each card measures approx. 2″ x  3.75″ with the character’s portrait, name, team name, number, and field position in Japanese on the front side. The backs pay tribute to the famed Menko card style with fighting numbers and rock, paper and scissor symbols that allow for playing a version of the card game War. Also on the card backs are English interpretations of the character’s name, nickname, team and field position with a few player stats. 40 cards in all that includes 36 player cards and 4 team cards. Set is packaged in a hand crafted green paper portfolio and gold foil stamp of Kaiju Baseball in Japanese characters on the label. Printed on thick sturdy 14 pt. premium uncoated card stock.

KaijuCardsFront~Click to Enlarge~






~Get the card sets here~


 ~Kaiju Baseball Poster~

An 18 x 24 poster of the entire set is also available. This colorful display of all 36 players (plus 4 team cards) is offered as an offset printing on sturdy 100 lb. glossy card stock with a rich aqueous coating.

~Get the poster here~

KaijuPoster18″ x 24″ Poster on 100lb. Glossy Card Stock

KaijuPosterDetail~Poster Detail~


~Get the poster here~


~Kaiju Baseball T-Shirts~

KaijuShirtSelection~Click image to Enlarge~

A selection of players are available on T-Shirts. Each design is available in a variety of shirt colors and shirt styles.

~Get T-Shirts Here~

Kaiju Baseball cloisonné enamel pin


Along with the release of the ChetArt Kaiju Baseball card sets, poster and t-shirts comes a collectible Kaiju Baseball cloisonné enamel pin. Pin measures 1.75″ x 1.5″ and comes with a butterfly clutch. The king of monsters is displayed on a 7 color + polished gold design. Japanese characters across the top translate to Kaiju Baseball and characters within baseball graphic translate to “Godzilla.




Comicpalooza 2015


Our first exhibition at this year’s Comicpalooza in Houston was a great success. Lots of friendly shoppers showed their support for ChetArt in a big way. Thank you all for coming out and showing your support!

ChetArtBooth4Visiting with fellow artist and exhibitor Lance Schibi.

ARRR Bender ClarkKent BigHeroSix StarWarsFamily VictoriaAlbert TMNT DonnieDarko SpeedRacer Horned LilBuster R2D2C3PO FreeHugs Skelly Spidey GodzillapaloozaI picked up two great Godzilla themed pieces from fellow exhibitors Jon David Guerra and J Hause.

Interview- Creative Room 4 Talk


A big thank you to the folks at CreativeRoom4Talk for this nice spotlight and interview.

Staple! Independent Media Expo 2015


March 7th-8th marks this year’s Staple! Independent Media Expo, held at the Marchesa Hall and Theater in Austin. With over 150 exhibitors it’s a visual treat. I’m proud to be a part of this year’s show. If you’re in Austin, mark the event on your calendar to experience loads of creative fun. Visit the official Staple! site for more info and a list of exhibitors.

StapleChetArtSelection A selection of items from ChetArt available at the show.

The ChetArt table will be located next to the Annex room entrance, table 56.


Lights! Cameras! Kitties!


Lights! Cameras! Kitties! is a collection of 8 images of cats in iconic tv and movie settings. All 8 images from the series are available as a set of 5″ x 7″ postcards. Each postcard is printed on sturdy 14 pt. Premium Linen card stock. Suitable for mailing or framing. Set includes:

  • A Clockwork Orange Tabby
  • Arya and the Hound
  • Apocatlypse Now
  • Grumpy The Hutt
  • Mousebusters
  • Nosfercatu
  • The Trouble With Kittehs
  • The Wagging Dead

Mousebusters500“Mousebusters” by Chet Phillips

~Purchase the Postcard Set Here~

AryaAndTheHound_WaggingSm“The Wagging Dead” and “Arya And The Hound”

Cherrywood Art Fair



December 13th-14th marks the 13th year of this Austin holiday shopping tradition. I’m proud to be a part of this year’s Cherrywood Art Fair. Come for the wide selection of handmade artist’s creations and stay for the food and music. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. I’ll be offering signed prints, books, playing cards, night lights and more, all from the ChetArt shop.

Visit the Cherrywood Art Fair site for more info and map.

Hero Complex Gallery- Imagined Worlds- The Thief


Hero Complex Gallery presents “Imagined Worlds: The films of  Cameron, Carpenter, Jackson, Nolan and Spielberg.” For my contribution to the show I’ve paid tribute to Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” with a piece titled “The Thief.” The show opens Friday, October 17th and runs through Nov. 2nd. Stay tuned for the online shop link that will go live on Saturday after the opening.

Austin Comic Con


I’ll be exhibiting Thursday, Friday and Saturday at this year’s Austin Comic Con. If you’re in town and attending, find ChetArt in the Artist Alley section, Table D38.

Alamo City Comic Con


If you’re in San Antonio this weekend, be sure to attend the Alamo City Comic Con. ChetArt will be there in the small publisher’s section near Artist Alley, booth 819.

2014 Austin Craft Riot Summer Show


If you’re in or around the Austin area next weekend, make time to attend the third annual Austin Craft Riot Summer Show. Packed with creative goodness, shop from among almost 70 unique local artist’s works. Located inside the air conditioned Austin Music Hall, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a summer weekend. Food trucks will be on hand, along with a DIY station, cash bar, gaming area and massage therapists. ChetArt will be a part of the fun, offering a wide variety of new merchandise.

ACR Summer Show Link

List of Vendors

ChetArt- San Diego Comic Con 2014

ChetArtBoothSDCC14Located in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth O-01 across from Oni Press

This year San Diego will be hosting its annual International Comic Con from July 23rd-July 27th, (preview night on the 23rd from 6PM-9PM.) ChetArt will be represented in the Small Press Pavilion in booth O-01 (across from the Oni Press booth.) This year’s offerings will include the Childhood book and prints from the series, the new playing card set titled Steam Ark, along with a trading card set version, vinyl stickers, a variety of tribute prints, new leather key chains and a lot more.

SDCC14map(Click Map to Enlarge)

Steam Ark Playing Cards


Steam Ark is an alternate universe of Victorian, Steampunk flavored animal characters. Each group is comprised of a particular type of animal: Aerie Clan- Birds, Simian Clan- Monkeys and Apes, Woodland Clan- Forest Creatures and Predator Clan- Big Cats. 52 individual portraits of characters from each Clan are represented in a casino quality, plastic coated poker deck. The card deck sports a custom designed red back. 2 jokers and 4 additional suit cards are also included.

Click Here to Shop for Steam Ark Playing Cards

SteamArkDeck and Box


Click the images below to enlarge.




Click Here to Shop for Steam Ark Playing Cards

Steam Ark Trading Cards


The Steam Ark trading card set delves into the lives and occupations of the inhabitants of a Victorian Steampunk alternate universe. 52 cards in all, each has a full color portrait with name, affiliations, Clan motto, rank, specialties and quote on the reverse. Cards measure 2.25″ x 3.75″ and are printed on 100 gloss stock. Presented in a Japanese styled paper portfolio. The set showcases 4 Victorian Steampunk animal Clans: Predator (Big Cats), Simian (Monkeys and Apes), Aerie (Birds) and Woodland (various woodland animals.) The set serves as a companion piece to the Steam Ark playing card set.

Click Here to Shop for the Trading Card Set


Front card size.tif

Front card size.tif

Below is a sampling of cards from the set. Click the images to enlarge.




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Curio & Co.- Spaceman Jax


Discover a wealth of creativity with “Spaceman Jax” over at Curio & Co.

Childhood- ChetArt Hand Bound Book

BookCoverBlog48 Page Book– 20 Color Illustrations with Text and Haiku Poems

Childhood is a hand bound book of Japanese styled illustrations paying homage to nostalgic activities and toys. Each image showcases playful parodies of a variety of characters from films, TV and pop culture. This 48 page book contains 20 full color illustrations. Haiku poetry and reflections on youthful amusements accompany each piece of art. Written, illustrated and designed by Chet Phillips with binding created by Julie Sullivan of Dancing Cat Bindery.

The book measures 8.5″ x 11″ printed on 80 gloss text. Front and back covers are richly textured 100lb. Espresso cover stock with a window on front cover revealing a peek to the interior orange cover stock page. Each cover is gold foil stamped with Japanese characters (translates: childhood) and is sewn with a Japanese stab binding technique using green ribbon. The last two pages translate the Japanese titles and text within each illustration.


Book and a select number of prints available in the ChetArt online store HERE.

CoverDetail500Gold foil stamp and cover window showing through to orange interior.


Character parodies represented in Childhood:

Godzilla • King Kong • MST3K • The Hulk • The Thing • Totoro •  Catbus • Cthulhu • Nosferatu • The Terminator • Robo Cop • Alien • Mothra • Ultraman • Ultraman Zero • King Ghidorah  • Bender • Baragon • Gremlin • Mogwai • Astro Boy • Tetsujin 28 • Robby the Robot • Optimus Prime • Cyclops • Martian • Metaluna Mutant • Mechagodzilla • Gamera • Bubo • Kraken • Tardis • Daleks • Space Godzilla

BossBattle_ChetArt500(Click Image Previews For More Info)







T-28 Open

Model Builder_ChetArt Open


TranslationPage2(Examples of the illustration’s translations, all available in the back of the book)

~Click Here to Browse the ChetArt Shop for the Book and a Selection of Prints~