Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2017

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is a unique holiday shopping experience held annually in Austin, TX. The event runs from Black Friday through Christmas Eve, open every day from 10AM-10PM (closing at 6PM on Christmas Eve.) With 200+ artists on display, it’s always an honor to be included. If you’re in Austin or plan to visit during the holidays, be sure to Chet it out.

Blue Genie Art Bazaar info page

ChetArt at Parts & Labour

A selection of goods created by Chet Phillips is now available at Parts & Labour, located at 1704 South Congress Ave. in Austin, TX .Very happy to be included among the great group of local artists represented in this wonderful shop. If you’re in Austin, Chet it out!

Austin Celtic Festival Art

AustinCelticFestMermaid_ChetArtI was honored to be chosen to create the official image for the 2016 Austin Celtic Festival. The event kicks off in November and you can learn more by visiting the event page HERE and the Facebook event page HERE.

Staple! Independent Media Expo 2015


March 7th-8th marks this year’s Staple! Independent Media Expo, held at the Marchesa Hall and Theater in Austin. With over 150 exhibitors it’s a visual treat. I’m proud to be a part of this year’s show. If you’re in Austin, mark the event on your calendar to experience loads of creative fun. Visit the official Staple! site for more info and a list of exhibitors.

StapleChetArtSelection A selection of items from ChetArt available at the show.

The ChetArt table will be located next to the Annex room entrance, table 56.


Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2014


The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is an Austin holiday shopping institution. This year over 200 artists will have their creations displayed within their personally designed booths. The event runs every day from 10AM-10PM starting on November 28th and running through till 6PM on Christmas Eve. I’m proud to be a part of Blue Genie with my 3rd year of selling. If you’re in the Austin area in December, put this fun experience on your list of things to do. You can find out more by visiting: Blue Genie Art Bazaar.

BlueGenieSpace2014The ChetArt space is up and ready for Blue Genie Art Bazaar shoppers.

ChetArt- Drink Coaster Set


In the mood for a “Schöfferhofer Chimpin Dunkel?” This well-aged premium dark lager mixes burnt banana aromas with a perfumy palate of strict simian Prussian overtones. It’s just one from the variety of six paper drink coasters featuring fictitious beer brands created by ChetArt. From “Dreaming Cat Pale Ale” to “Flying Luchador Bridge Bat Beer,” each screen printed design is showcased on an ultra thick 110 pt. 4″ round pulpboard coaster. Dress up your table or bar with these whimsical designs presented in a variety of colors. Packaged in a clear round plastic container.

~Available now in the ChetArt online shop~

CoasterGroup1sm4″ round pulpboard coasters with a hefty 110 pt. thickness



~Shop For Coaster Sets Here~

Children of the 80s Art Show- Guzu Gallery

PeeWeeMr.TLowres(Click to Enlarge)

Guzu Gallery presents an art show titled “Children of the 80s” with an opening on Friday August 1st. My contribution, titled “Pee Wee and Mr. T” pays homage to a host of Pee Wee Herman offerings, including “The Pee Wee Herman Show,” “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” and the movie “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” I saw his HBO special and on stage live in the 80’s and immediately became a fan of his irreverent humor.

~Purchase from the limited edition here~

More about the show:

Ah, the 1980s…that most outrageous and colorful of decades. The excess and overindulgence of the 80s was unavoidable. It was reckless. And it was soaked in neon hues. This was no more evident than in the fashion, pop stars, movies and television of the time. That isn’t to say there was nothing consequential or more far-reaching happening in the world. The war against drugs was in full swing, as was the Cold War and the Iran-Contra Affair…but for the children who lived it, breathed it…everything that was important about the 80s, everything that mattered, happened on Saturday morning. So many awesome cartoons! So many awesome toy commercials! Every cartoon had a toy line and every toy line had its cartoon (yes, kids actually played with toys a very, very long time ago). It was a magical era for sure…and Guzu intends to serve up a slice of that nostalgia this summer at our art exhibition titled Children of the 80s. Join us as we celebrate the cartoons and toys from the raddest decade ever!

The opening reception will be on Friday, August 1st from 7 to 10pm and the artwork will remain up through August 30th. Be sure to sport your best (or worst) 80s attire! Blue eyeliner, leg warmers, hair by Aqua Net and Members Only jackets are encouraged (as is wearing your sunglasses at night). There will be a live performance and 80s/Synthwave DJ set with retro visuals by Who Ha on opening night. Complimentary beverages will be provided by Miller Lite, featuring the original white can (for added old-school authenticity). We will also be featuring an array of vintage toys from the collection of Outlaw Moon Games & Toys. Admission is free and all ages are welcome!

Guzu Gallery welcomes everyone to the show but if you can’t make it out, the artwork will be available for purchase in our online store.

Guzu Gallery Store


SXSW Flatstock 43


At this year’s SXSW event, Flatstock 43 was in full force with an overabundance of poster goodness. 80+ artists comprised the selection this year offering a wide selection of styles and subject matter. Below is a small selection of highlights from the walk through. With so many talented folks, I wish I could have showcased them all.

(Click images for larger view)

DemoDemo showing the screen print process.

BossBoss Construction

DecoderRingThe Decoder Ring Design Concern

BrlsqBaizleyBurlesque of North America

DanBlack LandlandDan Black/Landland

impossiblemachineThe Impossible Machine

NapkinArtJonathon/Napkin Art Studios


f2f2 design

LurkDestroy JasonSmithJason Smith/Lurk and Destroy


MichaelHackerMichael Hacker

MethaneMethane Studios

BungalooJohn/The Bungaloo

eilandAaron Eiland

CarlosHernandezCarlos Hernandez

My take for the day was decidedly Lucha Libre themed. Posters by Arron Eiland and t-shirt by Carlos Hernandez. (both artists showcased directly above)


Strange Beasts 2 Show

Strange Beasts 2

The “Strange Beasts 2” art show will showcase a variety of artist’s work with the theme of Godzilla vs. the foe of their choice at Austin’s Guzu Gallery. ChetArt will be represented with a limited edition of 25. Stayed tuned for more as the reception date draws near.

Merry Christmas

(Photo copyright Tom Spencer)

A very Merry Christmas from Austin, TX. This great shot of downtown Austin showcases the Zilker Trail of lights in the foreground.

2012 Toy Joy Art Show

The Good, The Bad And The Monkey will be among the four ChetArt pieces chosen for the 2012 Toy Joy art show. Artwork by the Toy Joy staff and 30 local guest artists will be represented, along with fellow Austin Craft Riot members Erin Mason Flynn, Lauren Hemphill and Mamus James Judd.

Reception will be held at Tom’s Tabooley, Thursday August 9th from 6-10. Show runs through September 1st.


What do you get when you combine the awesomeness of the bat with the flavor of the Victorian goggled Steampunk world? Why the Steambat, of course. Austin, Texas is world renowned for its bats. So with a Steampunk treatment, the town’s winged residents take on an additional level of weirdness mixed with turn-of-the-century fun.

This “Dapper Darksinger” is available on a variety of apparel, tote bags, (flying) mouse pads, coffee cups and more. Choose with or without the “Austin, TX” designation.

Click Here to browse the official Steambat! merchandise shop.

Just a small sampling of merchandise available below. Dozens of colors and styles available in the ChetArt shop.

Shop Steambat! Here

Automagical Mural Art

Back in late December I was greeted by a super sized order from my Etsy shop for a large variety of prints. All monkeys.  I noticed that the buyer was Ben Chestnut, one of the co-founders of the Atlanta based company Mailchimp. Additionally I was proud to learn that he planned to pass them out as Christmas presents to his company’s employees. Monkey like!

A few weeks passed and then I was contacted by Mailchimp’s video impresario extraordinaire Joshua Rosenbaum with details of a project they thought would be just right for me. And how! The job was for a 12 foot by 40 foot long mural banner. This artwork was to be used for Mailchimp’s presence along the front of a building across from the convention center in downtown Austin for the annual South by Southwest conference. It would serve as a very large announcement to the world of some of their “Automagic” services. Their art direction was simple and straightforward: Invent a whimsical environment with a Rube Goldberg sprinkling of silly devices, add in some monkeys, Steampunk flavor to taste and… a unicorn. The resulting sketch composition was greeted with happy chimp screams. Working with Joshua and receiving input from their meetings to work out the details for the finished image was a true pleasure. The 500MB+ digital file was delivered to a large format vinyl wrap printing company and the site installation went up yesterday.

The art is also the centerpiece of the new “Automagical” landing page, replete with clanky, bubbling soundtrack. (shiny!)  In addition, Mailchimp worked out a sponsorship with Austin’s Intercontinental Hotel so that for the duration of the event the hotel key cards will be a special edition ChetArt card.

And the mural was designated as an official Gowalla point of interest:

Discover more Steampunk Monkey Business by visiting:

Steampunk Monkey Nation and The Society of Sinister Simians.