Mail Me Art 3


The third installment of Mail Me Art is the brain child of Darren Di Lieto. The art show will be comprised of pieces created on envelopes and mailed to Darren. Mail art is a unique form of creation that’s been around for decades. Some pieces are lost, damaged or doodled on along the way, so ultimately making it to its destination is an extra factor in its form of creation. I was honored to be a part of the first Mail Me Art show and subsequent book  in 2006. This time around the requested dimensions are a uniform and smaller size, thus the title of the show: Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet. For my contribution, I continued my recent theme of Kaiju, (strange beast) Japanese monsters with a wash and marker sketch on brown paper. The piece officially made it to England this week. (Darren’s scan of the envelope shown above.)

Read more about the event and see more entries on the official Mail Me Art blog.

MailChimp for Online Sellers-ChetArt

Thanks MailChimp, for the nice spotlight with your Online Seller series.

Automagical Mural Art

Back in late December I was greeted by a super sized order from my Etsy shop for a large variety of prints. All monkeys.  I noticed that the buyer was Ben Chestnut, one of the co-founders of the Atlanta based company Mailchimp. Additionally I was proud to learn that he planned to pass them out as Christmas presents to his company’s employees. Monkey like!

A few weeks passed and then I was contacted by Mailchimp’s video impresario extraordinaire Joshua Rosenbaum with details of a project they thought would be just right for me. And how! The job was for a 12 foot by 40 foot long mural banner. This artwork was to be used for Mailchimp’s presence along the front of a building across from the convention center in downtown Austin for the annual South by Southwest conference. It would serve as a very large announcement to the world of some of their “Automagic” services. Their art direction was simple and straightforward: Invent a whimsical environment with a Rube Goldberg sprinkling of silly devices, add in some monkeys, Steampunk flavor to taste and… a unicorn. The resulting sketch composition was greeted with happy chimp screams. Working with Joshua and receiving input from their meetings to work out the details for the finished image was a true pleasure. The 500MB+ digital file was delivered to a large format vinyl wrap printing company and the site installation went up yesterday.

The art is also the centerpiece of the new “Automagical” landing page, replete with clanky, bubbling soundtrack. (shiny!)  In addition, Mailchimp worked out a sponsorship with Austin’s Intercontinental Hotel so that for the duration of the event the hotel key cards will be a special edition ChetArt card.

And the mural was designated as an official Gowalla point of interest:

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