Links to images and info about past ChetArt gallery shows:



Rayguns and Robots- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle


Mint Condition 2- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

Tentacles!- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

Over the Line! Coen Brothers- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle


Catz!- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

Imagined Worlds- HCG/L.A.

Press Start 3- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

Stephen King- HCG/L.A.

Strange Beasts 2- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Popeye- HCG/L.A.

Children of the 80s- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Kings of Cult- HCG/L.A.

Mint Condition #3- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

I Am the Law/A Life of Crime- HCG/L.A.

Icons of Horror- Guzu Gallery/Austin

TMNT- Shop Called Quest/L.A.

Imagined Worlds- HCG/L.A.

8 Bit and Beyond- Bottleneck/Brooklyn

TMNT/Nickelodeon- Bottleneck/Brooklyn

Fantasy in the City- Ltd. Art Gallery/Seattle

DragonBall 30th Anniversary- QPop/L.A.

Gaming in the Gallery- HCG/L.A.

Kung Fu Theater- HCG/L.A.


Is This Thing On?- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Quotes, Lines and Lyrics- HCG/L.A.

Postcard Correspondence- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Untitled Show- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Idiot Box- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

High Scores- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Tom Hanks- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Avengers: Age of Ultron- HCG/L.A.

Doraemon- QPop/L.A.

Both Sides: Heroes and Villains- Gallery1988 West/L.A.


Guillermo Del Toro- Gallery 1988 West/L.A.

Monster Maker: Rick Baker- HCG/L.A.

Dark Side of the Force- Shop Called Quest/L.A.

Art Show About Nothing- Gallery1988 East/L.A.

Crazy For Cult 9- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Strange Beasts 3- Guzu Gallery/Austin


Zoolander Show- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Pixel Hearts- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Legend of Zelda- HCG/L.A.

Frame That Toon- Guzu Gallery/Austin

30 Years Later- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Bob’s Burgers Show- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Idiot Box: The Rerun- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

The POPular Vote- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Showa Era Vintage Manga Show- QPop/L.A.

20 Years Later- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

High Scores 2- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Bob’s Burgers Hawk & Chick Variant

Blast Off!- Guzu Gallery/Austin

The Power of Mattel- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Crazy for Cult X- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Tiny Tales- Gallery1988 East/L.A.

Postcard Correspondence- Gallery1988 East/L.A.

Testing Myths: Mythbusters Show- Creature Features/Burbank

Another Show About Nothing: Gallery1988 East/L.A.

Strange Beasts IV: Guzu Gallery/Austin

The Coens: Gallery1988 West/L.A.


Rick & Morty: Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Parks & Rec Tribute Show: Jerry’s Artarama/Austin

Archie’s Official Art Show

Nothing New- A 90s Tribute Show: Guzu Gallery/Austin

Memes- Gallery1988 West/L.A.

Veep- Gallery1988/L.A.

Stephen King- Gallery1988/L.A.

Black Light Show- Hero Complex Gallery/L.A.

Popped!- Parts & Labour/Austin

How Did This Get Made?- Gallery1988/L.A.

Creature Comforts- Guzu Gallery/Austin

30 Years Later- Gallery 1988/L.A.

Spirit of ’77- Guzu Gallery/Austin

Focus Features- Gallery1988/L.A.

Guillermo Del Toro- Copro Gallery/Santa Monica

Crazy 4 Cult- Gallery 1988/L.A.

They’re Coming To Get You-Guzu Gallery/Austin

Postcard Show- Gallery 1988/L.A.

John McTiernan Show- Hero Complex Gallery/L.A.

Monty Python- Gallery 1988/L.A.

Deep Cuts- Guzu Gallery/Austin