Tumbleweed Tango

Tumbleweed Tango from HUMBLE TV

Shelf Life


The dynamic acting duo of Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal from Shelf Life graced my SDCC booth this year with a visit and huge purchase of ChetArt merchandise. Shelf Life is described as “An irreverent live-action comedy about 4 action figures on a young boy’s shelf.” In addition  to live action parts they also provide voice talent for Cartoon Network shows. Hearing about the passion for their work and the great support was a highlight of the show. Visit their site to learn more.




Dave and Tracy over at HenNChicks combine bright graphics with pop culture standards.

SDCC 2013 Art

SDCC2013prints(Click image to enlarge)

I scored a great collection of signed prints and books from my fellow Small Press and Independent Press vendors this year. With lots of empty walls begging for decoration, this will kick off a great gallery collection of San Diego Comic Con talent. Follow the links below to see more from these great talents and get your own art gem:

Brittney Lee   Josh Shalek   Paul Friedrich   Mike Yamada    Bill Robinson    Dane Ault

LlynHunterBeautiful line work and a rich imagination from artist and author Llyn Hunter. I’m proud to own her latest creation.

Curio&Co Group(Click image to enlarge)

I’m so happy to have this wonderful collection of the latest offerings from our good friends Cesare and Kirstie of Curio & Co. We can’t wait to brighten up the walls of our house with their beautiful prints. Their latest book offering, Frank and His Friend, Special Collector’s Edition Vol. 1 is chock full of great humor and imagination.

Steampunk Monkey Nation Portraits and Gear


Introducing the new series: Steampunk Monkey Nation character portraits with gear. From a strange and simian-based alternate universe comes this collection of figures from all walks of life and occupations. These portraits attempt to shed light on what it takes to survive and engage within the world of Steampunk Monkey Nation. Beginning with these three notables, Mordecai “Gunny” Gundersonne, Samson Meriwether Riddlewitte and Gabriel Warwick Thorncastle, others will soon follow to join the ranks.



~Signed 11″ x 14″ Prints Available Here~

ChetArt at San Diego Comic Con 2013


San Diego Comic Con 2013 was a great experience with high energy fun, over the top creativity every where you looked and record breaking sales for us. We enjoyed seeing our fellow Small Press vendors from years back and meeting many new creatives. We had lots of return buyers and fans visit us and purchase some new offerings, along with a visit from Bob Leeper of Nevermore Evermore (see his Nerdvana Comic Con reporting HERE) and Don Thompson of Blurppy fame. We enjoyed a surprise visit from our good friend David Patton and his family and he was kind enough to take a picture of us in our booth. (above) Celebrity sightings were sparse, but did see Stan Lee signing across the aisle from us and Molly C. Quinn wandering by and posing for fan pictures. Frankly, we kept our heads down so much with transactions there’s no telling who may have walked by the main aisle next to us. We were proud and happy to see and sell alongside our great fellow Small Press friends Dane, Ashley and John of Monkey Minion Press, Paul Horn of Cool Jerk, Matt of Mincing Mockingbird, Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics, Paul Friedrich, George “Geo” Davis and Bill Robinson of Flimflammery. Elsewhere on the floor we were happy to spend some time with Cesare and Kirstie of Curio and Co. and see Daniel and Dawna of Steam Crow, both with amazing booth designs.

Below are lots of pictures from the event.

ConventionCenterHopefully the view of the Ender’s Game pavilion from our hotel room is a lucky sign that my artwork will make it through film editing and show up on a wall in Ender’s room.

Small PressOur location in the Small Press area.

VideoViewVideo pan area indicated in red to give a perspective of the enormity of the room.

(Click pictures to enlarge)


ateamfoursomeThese dapper gents really liked my Steampunk Monkey Nation portrait with gear prints.



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ChetArt at SDCC 2013



ComicCon2013map(Click to Enlarge)

ChetArt will be represented at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in the Small Press Area, Booth O-01. “The Land of Kaiju” limited edition alphabet book, card sets and prints will be available. Find lots of monkey-centric items as well, with Simian Playing Card packs, “Lights! Camera! Monkeys!” postcard sets and print plus some brand new Steampunk Monkey Nation prints.

Graham Erwin

Graham Erwin

Graham Erwin’s Pacific Rim poster from Odd City.


Cyclemon from Thomas Pom

La Boca

La Boca

Love the retro treatment of a re-imagined King Kong poster from La Boca.

Sue Beatrice

Sue Beatrice

Sue Beatrice crafts intricate imagery within the confines of her Steampunk watches.

DKNG Postcard Set

Basic CMYK

Postcard set from the ultra talented DKNG folks.

“Land of Kaiju” Shirts and Stickers


A selection of Japanese styled monsters from the ChetArt “Land of Kaiju” series are now lurking on t-shirts and stickers. For adults these designs are available in a variety of colors and styles such as a t-shirt, girly fit, v-neck, baseball 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve and hoodie. You can also adorn your little monsters with a kids t-shirt, baby t-shirt or one piece in a wide variety of colors.

Follow this shop link to see more.





Hero Complex Gallery Show-Red

Basic RGB

Hero Complex Gallery opens a show with the theme “Red.” See more great examples via The Fire Wire.

Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet Book

Mail Me Art

Darren Di Lieto’s latest effort: “Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet” brings together an array of talented artists willing to trust the postal service with delivery original pieces of work. The collection of entries will be showcased as a gallery show as well as in book form. The show will take place July 30th-August 3rd at The Framers Gallery in London. The book is in pre-order status with more info here. I’m proud to be included in Darren’s latest project and I’ve earmarked any profits from the sale of my piece to a local animal rescue organization in the London area.

Jen Sorensen

Jen Sorensen

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen’s work resides in the upper tier class of her profession. She crafts clever words and art to reveal the irony and insanity of our Vonnegutesque world. She recently received the National Cartoonists Society Award for Best Editorial Cartoons and is a finalist in this year’s Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Awards. Jen’s insights serve a much-needed purpose and she does it with flair and creativity. Jen and Scott recently relocated to Austin and better yet, we’re proud to have them right in our neighborhood. Check out more of her work HERE.