Chet Phillips is a freelance illustrator that has presented his slightly off-center view of the world for 30 years. He creates “digital woodcuts” for advertising agencies, design firms, newspaper and magazine publishers and corporations. Clients include: American Airlines, Pepsico, Workman Publishing, The New York Times and Warner Brothers, to name a few. No electrons are harmed in the process.

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9 thoughts on “ABOUT CHET”

  1. Hi I’ve recently purchased your ‘World War Monkey’ and ‘Society of Sinister Simians’ trading cards sets. I love them!
    As an amatuer illustrator myself your work is a great inspiration, thanks.

  2. I love the Steampunk Superheroes. I have a two-word suggestion for you: Steampunk Tarot. Please? Pretty please with clockwork on top?

  3. Hey Chet,

    K and I really enjoyed meeting you at the Con ;). You and Julie got two more big fans of your work. Keep on drawing simians….

  4. I’m a fan ! 😀 Chet’s characters are amazing, I would like one of his visuals on my Kindle !

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