Action Figure Mashups

@hotkenobi creates fun action figure photography. via My Modern Met

Archie Art Show- Gallery 1988

Amazing Riverdale Tales by Chet Phillips

Gallery 1988 West in L.A. presents Archie’s Official Art Show. For the event I created a pulp magazine flavored tribute to the teenagers from Riverdale.

~Limited Edition Prints Available Here~

Genesis- Philat Matveev

Genesis. from Philat Matveev

Gummy Bears in My Head

Gummy Bears in my Head from Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro

Love is Love

Love Is Love from Heckler

Steeven Salvat

Cancer Gigalain | Timelapse Making-Of from Steeven Salvat

Matthieu Bourel

“Child Psychiatry”

Ann Carrington

Bouquet made from utensils by Ann Carrington.

Corellian Rebel Matches

Corellian Rebel Matches prints available HERE.

T-Shirts available HERE.

Lesya Poplavskaya

“The Dream” by Lesya Poplavskaya

Parks and Rec Tribute Show

Ron Swanson tribute from the Parks and Rec tribute art show.

Signed prints available here

Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov re-imagines classical painting figures into modern life.

Leland Foster

Animations by Leland Foster