Irina Werning

Photographer Irina Werning has taken on the fascinating project of restaging childhood photos, creating in many cases, bizarre juztapostions. Check out her “Back to the Future” series here.

Staple! Independent Media Expo

Next weekend marks the seventh annual Staple! show, the event to promote independent creative media: comics, art, animation and self-published literature. If you find yourself wandering around within the city limits of the live music capital of the world, come on by!

Jason Limon

Check out the latest from San Antonio artist Jason Limon.

The Saga of Biorn

Curio & Co.

Check out all of the wonderful fun over at Curio & Co.
(We’ve been huge fans of Philip La Carta for years!)

I’d like to thank the Academy…

Last week the Dallas Advertising League presented an Addy award for the 2011 Half Price Books calendar illustrations.

Order of Nefarious Villains Card Set

The Order of Nefarious Villains serve as the evil counterpart to the Union of Superlative Heroes. Spawned from the dark recesses of spider pits and graveyard shadows, this collection of evil deviants inhabit the same parallel Steampunk Victorian universe as their heroic foes. 20 cards in the set, including the characters Professor Cephalopod, Sir Samuel Lodestone, Black Piranha, Feline Fräulein, Lord Venomous, King Congo plus 14 more. Each card showcases their portrait along with a brief description of their malevolent deeds, origins and abilities.

Now available in the Etsy Shop.

~Update-2013 Desk Calendars Now Available~

Click Here To Learn More About the 2013 Desk Calendars

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Mari Inukai

New set of figures due out from the inspirational mind of Mari Inukai.

Manuel Gomez Burns

Check out more fun work from Manuel Gomez Burns over at his blog Cartoon Mutoscope.

Chris Scarborough

Check out the engaging work of Chris Scarborough.

Scissorhands 20th

Scissorhands 20th is a tribute for the 20th anniversary of Tim Burton’s movie “Edward Scissorhands.”  There’s a host of well-done interpretations worth checking out.

ChetArt for the iPad and iPhone

A selection of images are now available on iPad and iPhone cases.

Visit HERE.

Orange Cube

Paris-based Jakob + Macfarlane Architects “Orange Cube” project is a commercial and cultural complex in Lyon, France. (Somewhat “Death Star-ish”)

Pam Wishbow

Pam Wishbow creates a fun world of retro styled cartoon graphics.

Fifty and Fifty

Fifty and Fifty is a collective, curated project where fifty designers are invited to represent  their state by illustrating its motto.

Eye of the Storm

Beautiful Steampunk flavored music video for Ben Lovett’s “Eye of the Storm.” Directed by Christopher Alender.

John Stezaker

Whitechapel Gallery presents a collection of John Stezaker’s arresting photo collages.

Scotty Reifsnyder-The Heroes of Folk

Scotty Reifsnyder has created a very nice series of folk hero prints.

Natsuo Ikegami

Japanese artist Natsuo Ikegami’s color cat portraits have a simple and straightforward appeal.

Jessica Joslin

Jessica Joslin spent her early years wandering through the halls of natural history museums, enchanted with the exquisite Victorian-era taxidermy and osteological displays, with their brass fittings and gleaming wood. Visit her site for an amazing collection of creature creations made from such natural objects as shells, seedpods, feathers and bones.