Matthew Olin

Matthew Olin created a series of superheroes using typographic elements. Comic and design geeks unite!

Michael Mapes

Michael Mapes creates intriguing portraits in the form of scientific specimen boxes.

Steam Sawyer

ABC is developing “Finn & Sawyer” that sets Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn into their twenties, solving crimes in a retro-futuristic Steampunk New Orleans. I think I’d enjoy Mark Twain’s musings on this more than the actual series. via Geek Peeks

Tim Tadder

What happens when you hurl water balloons at bald men and capture just the right moment? Tim Tadder creates a series of “water wigs” for men.

Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Thank you, Neil Armstrong, for your courage and famous footstep.

Pat Perry

Pat Perry lets his imagination run wild with style, all to our benefit as viewers.

Kris Kuksi

Explore the intricate and fantastic worlds created by Kris Kuksi.

ChetArt Magnets

Just added to the online shop: Rectangle Magnets. A selection of ChetArt imagery displayed on 2″ x 3″ magnets with flat, strong magnetic backs and Mylar/UV protective covers.

Shiny slices of art candy for home or office!

See the selection here.

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecat card from the Literary Pets 2 card set

“We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight.”–H.P. Lovecraft-born August 20, 1890

Knob Creek

Lots of creative pass through silhouettes from Knob Creek’s collection of custom bookends.

Danny Van Ryswyk

Danny Van Ryswyk deftly combines 2D and 3D techniques to create a series of arresting images.

Toy Break-ChetArt Purchase

Ben displays his ChetArt “Scorchplate” badge purchased at SDCC 2012

The fine folks over at Toy Break sat down for a recap of their buying adventures at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben this year and he purchased my Scorchplate laser engraved wooden badge. There’s a nice shout out (31 minutes in) for the badge in Episode 227. They also praised Lauren Hemphill from Ink It Labs with her efforts to bring my badges to life. Thanks Ben!

Jean-Marie Vives

Matte painter Jean-Marie Vives creates impossible worlds that appear to be possible.

Alexey Bednij

Photographer Alexey Bednij plays with space, shape and perception to great effect.

Austin Craft Riot Summer Show

Next Saturday from 11-7 marks the first summer show event for the Austin Craft Riot. I’ll be there with a booth chock full of signed prints, limited edition books, trading cards, magnets, buttons and more. Visit the ACR blog for an ongoing series showcasing the wealth of creatives that will be represented.

ChetArt 2013 Desktop Calendars

Mark the days with The Union of Superlative Heroes, The Order of Nefarious Villains, Wrestle Pets and Steampunk Monkey Nation calendars.

Just released: a selection of desktop calendars featuring characters from the ChetArt shop. Each calendar is presented in a sturdy plastic CD case which flips open to easily display on a desk, table or any other flat surface. 12 individual, one-sided pages for each month. Each month’s page measures 5.4″ x 4.65.”

Be the first on your block to own one of these handsome and informative mini art display items and thumb your nose at the 2012 end-of-the-world Mayan prediction!

~Browse the online shop here to see them all~

Also visit their individual shop sections with the links below:

Click Here for the Superlative Heroes and Nefarious Villains

Click Here for Wrestle Pets Desk Calendar


Click Here for Steampunk Monkey Nation Desk Calendar

Patricia Almeida

Photographer Patricia Almedia captured this umbrella installation (artist unknown) in a Barcelona public walkway.

Nagai Hideyuki

Nagai Hideyuki perfects a 3-D effect with his sketch process.


Porter Robinson “Language” music video directed by Jodeb.

2012 Toy Joy Art Show

The Good, The Bad And The Monkey will be among the four ChetArt pieces chosen for the 2012 Toy Joy art show. Artwork by the Toy Joy staff and 30 local guest artists will be represented, along with fellow Austin Craft Riot members Erin Mason Flynn, Lauren Hemphill and Mamus James Judd.

Reception will be held at Tom’s Tabooley, Thursday August 9th from 6-10. Show runs through September 1st.