Dermot Power

Bioshock 2 concept art from artist Dermot Power.

Star Wars/Day of the Dead

John Karpinsky has created a fun series of Star Wars characters combined with Day of the Dead motifs.

Morgan Herrin

Morgan Herrin creates intriguing wood sculptures with meticulous detail, all from construction grade 2 x 4 wood. Story via Look in Art.

Patrick Girouard

Check out the bright colors and clever characters from the mind of Patrick Girourad. Be sure and visit his Etsy shop for loads of robot fun.

And see this step by step with wonderful background score composed by his son Marc.

Art Inspired From Stanley Kubrick Films

Check out this extensive collection of artwork by a variety of artists with the unifying theme of imagery inspired from the films of Stanley Kubrick. Pictured above, Dr. Strangelove by Carlos Ramos.

João Ruas

Beautiful atmospheric renderings and wildly imaginative subjects from São Paulo artist João Ruas.

Lift- Maurizio Cattelan

Artist Maurizio Cattelan has installed 2 tiny elevators in the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris. Reportedly they open and close  while making the appropriate elevator noises. (Perhaps including a small bottle titled “Drink Me” in the vicinity would make for a modern update to Alice in Wonderland.)

Nesting Dolls by Jason Levesque

A clever take on this age old craft form from Jason Levesque.

Project Squadt

Project Squadt is a collaborative effort between Ferg and Threezero. Beautiful character design brought to life as 3D figures.

Keith Quinn- Local Heroes

I had the pleasure to meet fellow exhibitor Keith Quinn at the recent Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin. Clever work and great drawing skills! Be sure and check out his site for more info and you can purchase Local Heroes here.

Trailer for La Détente

La Détente is an animated short movie produced and directed by Pierre DUCOS and Bertrand BEY. In a trench during the first world war, a French soldier becomes paralyzed with fear. His mind disconnects from reality and escapes to a world where wars are fought by toys.

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Sometimes the Stars

“Sometime the Stars” music video for the Austrailian band The Audreys was produced by Luke Jurevicius and directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment. The story line is about a lost girl’s journey through a surreal landscape, and her yearning to make a connection in this distant yet strangely familiar world. View the video larger here.

Theo Jansen-Strandbeests

Amazing kenetic sculptures from Theo Jansen.

Yumiko Kayukawa

Yumiko’s wonderful work is now on display at the Shooting Gallery now through April 2nd.

Staple!- Grant Sutherland

Grant Sutherland is double threat with his great sense of humor and excellent drawing skills. I had a great time watching him develop some beautiful drawings during the show. His web comic has been compiled into the impressive print collection Greetings From Wonderland. Check out his site for more info and  look for him at the upcoming Dallas Comic Con in May and SPX in September.

Our set up for the Staple! Independent Media 2011 show. (Thanks for the great picture, Grant!)

Turners Tokens- Elysium Steampunk Ball

Last weekend during the Staple! show I had the pleasure of finally meeting the tremendously talented Lisa Turner of Turner’s Tokens. If you’re in the Austin area this weekend for SXSW and are a Steampunk fan, put the Elysium Steampunk Ball on your list of things to do. Card sets have been donated for their Midnight Costume Contest.

Staple!- Panel Press

We had the pleasure of meeting the energetic and talented duo of Bram and Monica Meehan last weekend at Staple! On top of Monica’s artistic talents and Bram’s creative writing skills, they serve as tireless promoters of 7000 B.C., an artist collective of comics writers and artists. Visit Bram and Monica’s Panel Press site for a host of great offerings and learn more about Independent Comics from New Mexico at the 7000 B.C. site.

Staple!- Travis Nichols

Artist and writer Travis Nichols was a great booth neighbor to have at the Staple! show. With his fun sense of humor showcased in both his art and writing, he had a steady stream of fans at his table. Check out his I Like Apple Juice site for lots of art, musings, comics, music, greeting cards and animal detectives.

Staple!- Colleen AF Venable and Marianne Ways

Back from our weekend exhibiting at the Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX. We had a great time with lots of sales, seeing old friends and making new ones. A big thank you to everyone that came out to show their support!

This week I’ll be sharing info about some of the great talents and fellow exhibitors we met. First up, the insanely funny and talented duo of Colleen AF Venable and Marianne Ways. They’ve collaborated on writing “Lumberjacks: A Field Guide”.  With great writing, a host of clever illustrators contributing to the fun and a cut out cover with felt beard, you have to snag a copy of this gem!

Be sure and visit Colleen’s site Here for loads of other incredible projects.


Marianne’s site Here that also includes her wonderful jewelry.