Michael McGillis

Michael McGillis invents magical surprises within nature.

Jamie Scott- Fall

Watch this incredible time lapse footage of the the change of seasons by Jamie Scott. He chose 15 locations around Central Park and revisited them 2 days a week for 6 months, taking pains to record his exact camera locations and lens information. The result is a treat for the eyes.

Monsters and Dames- Moriko and the Mighty Akumu

“Moriko and the Mighty Akumu” has been accepted into the 2013 “Monsters and Dames” book. This annual project is an Emerald City Comic Con charity art book that raises money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. A signed print of my entry will also be made available at the ECCC charity art auction. I’m proud to be among the 80 artists chosen from 145 entries for this wonderful showcase. My entry was inspired from an upcoming series of monster characters with a Japanese wood block print flavor. Stayed tuned for more on this project soon.

The Assembly- Toyota Hilux

Chimp with goggles? Amen to that. Check out this clever Toyota Hilux commercial
from the simian-centric minds over at  The Assembly.

Blue Genie Art Bazaar

The 2012 Blue Genie Art Bazaar is almost here. I’m proud to be a part of this year’s show, offering a variety of ChetArt items available for this unique shopping experience. This Austin institution of holiday shopping, located in the Marchesa Hall, will be open 10AM-10PM, every day starting November 28th through December 24th. Over 100 artists will represent their best work for sale and I have to say, it’s a tremendous group of talented folks. If you live in the Austin area or plan to visit in December, be sure to put this great event on your list of fun things to do.

(The ChetArt wall coming together during show set up.)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday ChetArt Special

Head over to the ChetArt online shop to kick off your holiday shopping with a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special deal. Free U.S. Shipping for all items. Just use the coupon code: Mayandoom during checkout.

Shop Here Now

Happy Thanksgiving

(Paul Frank’s Julius from the 2011 Macy’s Day parade)

Happy Thanksgiving!
May your day be bolstered by safe travels, TV parade white noise
and tryptophan induced dreams.

Robin Protz- Dragon Sculpture

Robin Protz’s kinetic sculpture of a dragon was made with hanging gold buttons.

Seungyea Park

Seungyea Park’s acrylic paintings are rich in both texture and imagination.

Calvaire Fruite

A short-movie by Ghayth Chegaar, Eddy Loukil, Victor Jardel

Waldemar von Kazak

Beautiful retro treatment by the talented Waldemar von Kazak.

Meme Art Show- Gallery 1988

Lots of fun over at Gallery 1988’s Internet Meme art show, including an overabundance of Honey Badger. (Graham Erwin’s version above)

Happy Birthday Clawed Monet

Famous French impressionist painter Clawed Monet was born on November 14th, 1840. Known for his “En Playin’ Air” outdoor paintings that captured light at different times of day. The subjects for these studies were cathedrals, haystacks, water lilies, dead birds and half-eaten mice. (From the series “Artistic Pets.“)

Jason Tozer

Space photography of a Jupiter type planet? No, it’s the wonderful macro photography of bubbles by Jason Tozer.

Kevin Chupik

Kevin Chupik has created an engaging series of paintings with the theme of iron curtain women known collectively as “Femme Fatale.


It’s that time of year again when facial hair rules. The month of November is transformed into Movember, showcasing awareness for men’s health issues. Join Gentleman Mint, The Flatiron Knight, Captain Columbia and Phineas Fleetfoot with your superlative support for this important cause.

Slit-Scan Effect

This playful duo performs with the help of  the “slit-scan” technique.

Motohiko Odani

Beautiful organic sculpture work from Motohiko Odani.

Matt Doust

The paintings of Matt Doust can be straightforward and stark.

Stephane Halleux

The whimsical sculpture work of Stephane Halleux provides hints of  fantastical worlds.