Abbey Hambright

Check out the fun pop culture and film versions of finger puppets and more over at AbbeyChristine. Anyone who dreams up an Omar Little bib is a-okay by me.

Jeff Burnette- Joe Blow Glassworks

Beautifully designed blown glass sculptures of ray guns over at Joe Blow Glassworks.

Monkey Memory Match Game

Just released and available in the Etsy shop: The Monkey Memory Match Game. Test your memory using 24 pairs of Chet Phillips monkey illustrations. Simply lay out the 48 tiles, pattern side up in a grid 6 across and 8 down (or 8 across and 6 down if residing in Australia) and turn two over at a time to find a match. Perfect for two players or enjoy testing your monkey memory solo.

Monkey art mounted on sturdy mat board. Each tile measures 2″ x 2.25″ and are packaged in a 5″ x 7″ box with instructions.

(Cheeky Monkey decal on the box bottom, signed by the artist.)

Make a Monkey Mental Note to visit the Etsy Shop listing for more details.

Realise Studio- Basketball

Li-Ning “Basketball” by Realise Studio

John Banana- Rocketeer

John Banana serves up a fun tribute to the late great Dave Stevens with his action packed FanFilm of The Rocketeer.

Derek Sullivan

Fun character creation from Derek Sullivan.

Mom’s Basement Giveaway

Time to break out the crayons with this Giveaway contest. Head over to Mom’s Basement for a chance to win your very own “Monkey Color” coloring book. Enjoy hours of activity, allowing you to while away the time before the inevitable domination of technologically advanced apes and monkeys procure our world. While you’re there, soak in the warm embrace of Mom’s Basement, offering up all things geek in culture and gaming.

Click to Visit Mom’s Basement Giveaway Page For a Chance to Win.

Netflix Envelope Doodles

Netflix customers create a new form of mail art, sure to brighten the day of a few lucky postal workers.  View a fun collection here.

A Short History of Production

A creative variation of printing. This example of book printing utilized four different types of printers for each of the CMYK colors.

The Magic Lantern

This weekend marks the release of the summer blockbuster The Green Lantern. Perhaps in an alternate universe somewhere down the wormhole there’s a similar event for our intrepid Superlative Hero “The Magic Lantern.” Presented in glorious sepia tones with wondrous “SteamMax” effects. Here’s a bit of background on our hero:

“Part skilled magician, part necromancer and known for the supernatural device he wielded, The Magic Lantern was able to conjure both human and animal spirits to do his bidding. He held the title of royal conjurer for the government of Rotterdam for 20 years before turning his unworldly invention towards the war to thwart evil. He discovered his namesake while exploring the underground catacombs of a burned out forgotten cathedral. From the moment he grasped the handle an otherworldly bond was formed, linking him to its dreadful powerful. With it he confronted and defeated such evil entities as Professor Mojo, Evil Comet, Major Marionette and the Dark Hell’s Ember. “

(Excerpt from the upcoming limited edition, handbound book of Superlative Heroes and Nefarious Villains. Due out soon!)

Todd McLellan

Exploded fun from photographer Todd McLellan.

Richard Burbridge

Visually arresting portraits from photographer Richard Burbridge.

(via Today and Tomorrow)

Jeremy Geddes

Visit Jeremy Geddes to view his awesome Cosmonaut series.

Martin Wittfooth

Images of beautiful decay and hallucinogenic wildlife by Martin Wittfooth.

Adam Juresko

Wonderful movie poster design variations from the mind of Adam Juresko.

Datamancer Steampunk Laptop

Beautiful craftsmanship from Datamancer. Perfect for inscribing your memories of the Great Steamship Wars, communicating with fellow lodge members via the ether and blogging updates of the second Victorian Zombie Apocalypse Insurgency.

Master of the Skies

This air combat video gamer portrait was recently added to the Etsy shop.

Captain America Video Game Trailer

Jillian Tamaki

View the selection of images here that artist Jillian Tamaki created for a collection of Irish Myths and Legends.

Rafael Santiago

Rafael Santiago is adept with multiple forms of creation, but I’m particularly drawn to his delicate and detailed portraits.