Stephen Fitzgerald

Christmas Card to Friends from Stephen Fitzgerald

Staudinger Franke

Monkey with facial hair? Staudinger Franke knows how to please.

Jib Jab Retrospective

Rachel Denny

Rachel Denny has created a series of cable knit sweater wraps of animal head trophies.

Simon Monk

Simon Monk creates works of lonely beauty with his toys in bags series.

Bellino Alain

Remarkable metal work by artist Bellino Alain.

A Very Lovecraft Christmas

H.P. Lovecraft would feel very much at home with this awesome Cthulhu Christmas tree.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

It’s easy to get lost in this collection of photos that capture moments between celebrities, musicians, artists, athletes and politicians. Visit Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

Jennifer Collier

Beautifully intricate paper art by Jennifer Collier.

PVC Sculptures

Artist Kang Duck-Bong creates lively kinetic sculptures using pvc pipe pieces. Via XaXor.

Penney Design

Fun series of iconic Beatles imagery created in pixelated form by Penney Design.

Mysterious Paper Sculptures

Read the interesting story behind a series of mysterious paper sculptures. Via Central Stn.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

As if Santa Claus doesn’t have enough on his plate, what with delivering toys across our planet in one night.

Jason Freeny

At last, the inner workings of the Lego man revealed by the talented Jason Freeny.

Zach Johnsen

Beautifully kinetic graphite and watercolor pieces by Zach Johnsen.

Chess Sets

10 unusual and creative chess sets via Design Soak.

Cunaka-Breaking Bad

Great iconic illustration by artist Cüneyt Akalınoglu that perfectly sums up season 4 of Breaking Bad.

Brodie’s Gift Guide

Brodie’s 2011 ChetArt Holiday Shopping Guide

First, a bit about me:
8 year old rescued male orange tabby
Official ChetArt mascot
Lives with: 2 sentient cat food dispensers and female gray tabby Lily
Hobbies: Extreme sleeping, gecko hunting and watching insurance commercials

As the days grow colder and approach the holiday season, fewer and fewer geckos are to be found. Due to this frustrating lack of hunting opportunities, I grudgingly turn to my duties of gift recommendations from the ChetArt online shop. Here you will find an abundance of gift ideas for every member of the family.

For him:

Choose from a variety of outrageous monkey portraits, flavored both Steampunk and Sinister. If your guy digs the comic books, then consider Chet’s tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Victorian Steampunk superheroes and villains with the Union of Superlative Heroes and Order of Nefarious Villains. My personal favorite?…. Feline Fräulein, Mee-yow! Available as individual portraits, card sets and an awesome, hand bound limited edition book. Also check out his large assortment of Tiki portraits. There’s even a special two-fer listing to brighten up his Tiki bar or man cave.

For her:

The ever expanding series of cats (and dogs) as personalities from the literary, artistic and musical realms is sure to have one of your favorites. With the likes of F. Scott Fetchgerald, Harpurr Lee (mmmmm, mockingbird…), G.R.R. Tolkien, Labrador Dali, Corgi O’Keeffe, Mutt Jagger, Janhiss Joplin and Michael Catson the list keeps going of fun portraits to gift. Chet also has a huge assortment of humorous cat (and dog) portraits as well as a series of Japanese Styled pet portraits. My personal favorite is this portrait of me doing what I do best.

For the kids:

Nothing fills a rainy afternoon or snowy holiday break better than getting lost working on a coloring book. (O.K., maybe sleeping 12 hours is better.) The Monkey Color! coloring book fits the bill for offering a creative challenge alongside simian silliness. For kids and adults alike, the Monkey Memory Match game will both challenge your memory and give you a craving for bananas.

Stocking Stuffers:

Give the affordable gift of trading card sets, each with both a collection of whimsical portraits and funny biographies for each. Cat (and dog) artists, authors and musicians, Steampunk Monkeys, Society of Sinister Simians, World War Monkeys, Superlative Heroes and Nefarious Villains all await to fill the imaginations and force out a chuckle. Trouble holding down your banana peels? Consider the monkey paper weight, created with hand stitched leather.


Browse through a selection of hand made limited edition books sprinkled throughout almost every section of the shop. With Superlative Heroes/Nefarious Villains, Tikis, Sinister Simians, Wrestle Pets, Mysterious Circumstances and Googie signs, there’s bound to be a perfect gift for the reader. Sadly, no field guides for hunting geckos.

Seasonal Gifts:

Spoiler alert!: The Mayans predict our collective litter boxes will be cleaned for good next year. Why not enjoy a bit of visual fun, displayed on your wall or desk with the Literary Pets wall calendar (4 postcards included!) or the Wrestle Pets and Monkey Business desk calendars. It’s not too late to send those holiday cards out either. Consider the lighthearted and colorful “Penguin Jingle Bell” card pack of 6.

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Brand X Liquor

Fun visual puns from Charles S. Anderson in the form of liquor packaging design.

Via Lovely Package.