Patti Haskins

Talented Dallas artist and friend Patti Haskins has a great gift for  character design and color combinations, witnessed above by “Buster,” one of her many creations. Be sure and check out her Etsy shop for loads of perfect holiday gifts.

Union of Superlative Heroes

Imagining a parallel universe in which superheroes inhabit a Steampunk Victorian world, the Union of Superlative Heroes is a collection of characters from a variety of countries, each with their own unique abilities or mutations. Twenty cards in all, this set profiles such epic figures as Marquis Le Bat, Stupendous Gent, Empress Amazonia, Arachno Kid, Prince Aqueous, Lord Wolverton plus fourteen more. Each card showcases their portrait along with a brief biography and country of origin on the reverse. Now available in the Etsy shop.

~Update- 2013 Desk Calendars Available~

2013 Desk Calendars are now available for both The Union of Superlative Heroes and The Order of Nefarious Villains.

Click Here To Learn More About the 2013 Desk Calendars

Click here to shop.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for…receiving news that I’ve been accepted for a Small Press booth again for next year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Help Jettison Me Into Space

Help jettison my artwork into space. Vote for my piece “High Flyer” in the link below. Prize packages include the chance for the winning pieces to go up with a shuttle launch. I hope your support will enable my artwork to become part of a massive cloud of space junk, or perhaps eventually end up on Han Solo’s living room wall.

Please vote for “High Flyer” here.

Guido Mocafico

Indiana Jones would hate Guideo Mocafico’s work.


Wonderful line and brush work from Greg over at Gregthings.

The Museum of Unnatural History

My kind of history lesson.

Hello, my name is Brodie.

Sarah Han over at the great pet blog “Pawesome” posted an interview with Brodie, a.k.a. ChetArt mascot extraordinaire.

Click here for the show and tell.


Whimsically fun set of letterpress prints from Australian creative Wilkintie.

Colwyn Thomas

Intriguing narratives and nice style from artist Colwyn Thomas.

Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash

Etsy Dallas is hosting its 3rd Annual Jingle Bash, November 20th, 2pm-8pm in the Lone Star Room @ The Palladium, 1135 S. Lamar, Dallas. It’s a festive gathering of over 50 local vendors and their displays of handmade crafts and artwork. Sip on cocktails, win free stuff and groove to good tunes. Admission is free and open to the public and a great way to kick off your holiday shopping.

I’ll be there with a booth chock full of signed prints, trading cards, books, buttons, magnets and a whole lot more.

Click here for more details and a map to the fun.

Monkey Monday-Chow time

Monkeys appear to be attracted to white-rimmed wayfarer sunglasses.

Monkey! Leather Paperweights

Monkey! leather paperweights have just been added to the Etsy shop. Measures approx. 3.5″ square with brown leather on front side and hot stamped smokin’ monkey graphic. Reverse side is black leather with embossed pattern. Perfect for home or the office. Anchor your important papers, documents and banana peels with style.

Visit the “Monkey” section here for more info.


Artist NeSpooncreated striking visuals by installing lace patterns along areas of Oak Beach. (It’s like Spider-man was exposed to Martha Stewart Gamma rays.)

Sam Wolfe Connelly

Sam Wolfe Connelly’s work leaves me wanting to know more about the mysterious scenes he creates.

Pigeon Post

Wonderful collection of holiday images from Pigeon Post capturing the old world folk tale spirit.

Sam Bosma

Sam Bosma’s work combines a graphic approach with nice compositions, colors and and extra dose of fun imagination.


This graphically simple series by the Argentinian artist identified as Minga explores scenarios worthy of this well-worn expletive.

Yes We Can Architecture

Beautiful temporary installation using green hula hoops by Yes We Can Architecture.

Mehmet Ali Uysal

Playful environmental connection with this sculpture designed by Mehmet Ali Uysal.