La Muerte

Last month I was invited to participate in the ¡Lotería, Lotería! exhibition curated by the Bath House Cultural Center. 54 artists each created their own interpretation of an image from the Lotería Mexican game of chance which resembles a form of bingo. My contribution, “La Muerte,” will be showcased as a 16″ x 20″ signed Somerset Velvet Giclee print. Along with the exhibition will be sets of cards utilizing the show’s artwork available for sale. The opening reception is Saturday, April 30th, 7-9 PM.  (Learn more about the show at the official site for the Bath House Cultural Center.)

Jamie Baldridge

The photographic set pieces created by Jamie Baldridge allow us a glimpse into an imaginative world of mysterious happenings.

Matsys- C Wall

Matsys design studio explores the relationships between architecture, engineering, biology and computation. The sculpture “C Wall” has an organic cellular structure that creates beautiful light and shadows.

Ron Luff

Check out Ron Luff’s work here.

Happy Easter

In Jackalope country, Easter eggs require a fork lift for gathering.

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash

Saturday April 30th 11-5 PM

If you live in or are visiting the DFW area the weekend of April 30th, make plans to attend the third annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash on Saturday. I’ll be there with a booth chock full of prints, books, trading cards and a whole lot more.  Click HERE for hours, directions and a list of vendors. (Be one of the first fifty in the door to receive a legendary “Bash Bag” overflowing with free items from many of the vendors.)

The Film That Changed My Life

Creative inspiration can be a fascinating subject. Ever more so when you can gain insight into what inspired creative greats. The Film That Changed My Life delves into the minds of a group of accomplished film directors and answers the question: what one film helped shape your career? The first 10 of 30 chapters:

1.) Edgar Wright  on  An American Werewolf in London
2.) Rian Johnson on Annie Hall
3.) Danny Boyle on Apocalypse Now
4.) Bill Condon on Bonnie and Clyde
5.) Richard Kelly on Brazil
6.) Peter Bogdanovich on Citizen Kane
7.) John Dahl on A Clockwork Orange
8.) Henry Jaglom on
9.) Brian Herzlinger on E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
10.) Alex Gibney on The Exterminating Angel

The Realm of the Sea Monkey

Recently added to the online shop: The Realm of the Sea Monkey print.

Kathie Olivas- Monsters and Misfits Show

From a selection of paintings and sculptures by Kathie Olivas for the Monsters and Misfits Show.

Gallery 1988- Required Reading Show

Galley 1988 presents a selection of artwork referencing classic novels with the tag line “Required Reading.”

“The Canine Transformation Anomaly”

“The Canine Transformation Anomaly” (a.k.a.-The Big Bark Theory) is presented as a signed Somerset Velvet Giclee print- limited edition of 250. Image area is 8″ x 10″ presented in an acid-free beveled 11″ x 14″ mat. Each comes with its own blind embossed atom graphic stamp for the edition number.


Available Here in the Etsy Shop.

Mike Libby- Insect Lab

Artist Mike Libby combines insect specimens with clock parts to create tiny mechanized wonders.

Megan Baehr- Nonesuch Garden

Behold the plush doll stylings of Vermont artist Megan Baehr. Utilizing her degree in Cartooning and Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she’s really found a way to take your standard plush animal to a whole new level of fun. Be sure and check out more of her creations in her Nonesuch Garden shop.

The Hairy Trinity

Meet the triumvirate of shagginess. New signed print now available in the Etsy shop.

Literary and Artistic Pets

New portrait prints from the Literary and Artistic Pets series have been added to the Etsy shop. Each signed print comes mounted within an 8 x 10 beveled mat, ready to frame.

See the entire selection here.

John Martz- Trexels

The talented and clever John Martz has created a poster of 235 pixelated Star Trek characters. Can you name them all? If you can, there’s a good chance to win one of these beauties.

Tarantino vs. Coens

Bold Hype Gallery presents a show, curated by Ken Harman, of images inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers.  Show opens April 7th. Shown above: “Pater Familias” referenced from the Coen Brothers movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou” by artist Clint Wilson.

Austin Kleon- An Ode to Redaction

Artist Austin Kleon creates clever poetry by blacking out blocks of newspaper columns. He has also written a very insightful and helpful list of ideas that every creative person should read: How to Steal Like an Artist.

David Graeme Baker

The paintings of Maine artist David Graeme Baker evoke a dream-like world with his portraiture, landscapes and interiors.

Monkey Sculpture

Thousands of pairs of recycled plastic flip-flops live on in a large-scale outdoor art installation in San Paulo, Brazil. Local art students created the Giant Flip Flop Monkey Sculpture community art project.