Yang Yongliang

Stunningly surreal photographic manipulations from Yang Yongliang.

Christian Montenegro

Fun graphics from Argentinian illustrator Christian Montenegro with his Muertitos series.

Pietari Posti

Barcelona based artist Pietari Posti.

John Haley III

Alien forms from metal sculpture artist John Haley III.

Jake Parker

Fun vehicle concept illustrations from Jake Parker.

UK CardCast-Episode 33

Paul Bines over at the wonderful resource UK CardCast honored me with a fantasticĀ  plug for the “Union of Superlative Heroes” set with his latest podcast.

IKA trailer

Trailer for IKA by Romain Jouandeau.

Melabo’s Ceramic Frankensteins

Melabo’s Etsy shop is a fine representation of what would have happened if Dr. Moreau had taken a ceramics class instead of buying that island.

Alliance Metal Sculptures

Fabricated from the scraps collected at Alliance Metals recycling plant in West Oakland.

Nike Chase

Created as part of a campaign for Nike Japan, the director’s cut from ILoveDust.

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

Simple and elegant sculptures by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya.

Secrets of Corel Painter Experts

I recently had the honor of being included in the Daryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch publication Secrets of Corel Painter Experts.” Each of the seventeen artists are given a chapter that includes a step by step process and a gallery of works.

Matt Forsythe

Visit the Etsy shop of illustrator Matt Forsythe for some lively fun.

The Great Showdowns

Artist Scott C. has a way of distilling great movies down to the essentials, all the while presenting them as beautifully rendered caricatures.

Paper Wasp Nest

Check out the graphically fresh work of Magen Mitchell over at Paper Wasp Nest.

Brendan Wenzel

Bright and colorful, Brendan Wenzel’s animal studies also exhibit an enjoyable flavor of humorous caricature.

Illustration Magazine Archives

Check out the generous wealth of archived issues atĀ  Illustration Magazine.

Tim Liddy

Tim Liddy creates realistic vintage board game box lid graphics including representations of tape, stains and damage, using oil paints and enamel on copper.

Glenn Barr

Glenn Barr’s work captures a wonderful blend of mythology and carnival theatrics with his lush color palettes and textures. Check out his great collection of works contained in: Haunted Paradise: The Art of Glenn Barr.

Alex S. MacLean

Beautiful studies using aerial photography from Alex S. MacLean.