Chris McMahon

Chris McMahon has created a fun series of creatures invading what appears to be the realm of “sofa sized paintings.” An interesting blend of H.P. Lovecraft meets Bob Ross.

Nadine Boughton

Nadine Boughton stirs together collage elements of men’s magazine imagery with mid-century modern home interiors to formulate a hearty stew of kitschy fun.

Rob Roberts

Great mash up mask of Frankenstein and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu dubbed “Frankenthulhu” by Rob Roberts.

Star Wars-Behind the Scenes

Great collection of behind the scenes photos of the Star Wars trilogy. Via Flavorwire

Dan Matutina

Artist Dan Matutina creates a fun graphic series of hearts that combines famous foes.

Lin Esser

Lin Esser creates little scenes of oddness that blends flavors of Gothic mystery and Día de los Muertos.

ChetArt in “Ender’s Game” set

Yesterday I stumbled across a Facebook post from Tor Books about an Ender’s Game blog hosted by the producers of the film. Above is a shot from the blog showing the set design of Ender’s room. Despite the small photo, I can see they’ve included at least 4 of my images from 6 they purchased for use in the set design.  Ender’s Game IMDb Link

ChetArt Contest Winner

Congratulations go out to Roy for winning the ChetArt Giveaway Contest and finding a bit of luck in a random universe. He’ll be receiving The Monkey Color! coloring book, Steampunk Monkey Nation card set, Society of Sinister Simians card set and 5 Sinister Simian vinyl stickers. Thank you to all for entering and here’s hoping you come back for a chance to score with a future contest.

Starting now for a full week the ChetArt online shop is offering 15% off your purchase price. During checkout use the following Coupon Code to receive your discount:


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Be sure and check back for future updates and announcements regarding the newest addition to the ChetArt monkey family: “Monkopolis.”

Ink It Labs

Check out this great service from Ink It Labs. Custom order double-sided printed and laser cut charms, available on acrylic and wood. Brought to you by fellow Austin Craft Riot member Lauren Hemphill. I’ve got to figure out just the right monkey art for this.

WebSitesAreLovely-Dharma station posters

This series of posters detailing the various Dharma stations from “Lost” brings back good memories of a creative and engaging storyline. Visit WebSitesAreLovely for the island tour.

ChetArt Giveaway Contest

(Image from the upcoming “Monkopolis” project.)

In celebration of the upcoming release of the new ChetArt project “Monkopolis,” I’m giving away a big bunch of monkey fun to one lucky winner.

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win:

Share this blog post on any social media site you’d like: Twitter, Facebook, A Blog, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. After you share, leave a comment on this post explaining how you shared and include the link. If you share this post on multiple social media sites, be sure to make separate comments for each share to improve your chances of winning.

Another way to enter for a chance to win is to simply “Like” the ChetArt Facebook page.

Contest is open till midnight, Wednesday April 18th. The winner will be chosen randomly and  announced on the blog April 19th.

Here’s the swag that one lucky monkey will win:

Monkey Color! Coloring book (24 pages of coloring fun)

Steampunk Monkey Nation trading card set

Society of Sinister Simians trading card set

5 Sinister Simian vinyl stickers

Stay tuned for more news regarding the soon-to-be-released “Monkopolis” project!

Birth of a Book

Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ ‘Mango and Mimosa’

Birds of Old Bison Ranch

Check out Keith Crabtree’s new book offering a gallery of beautiful bird photography.

Empty coffee table? Put a bird on it!

Get your copy here:

Birds of Old Bison Ranch

Ben Hickling

U.K. artist Ben Hickling interprets pop icons with loads of quality.

Evan Seitz-123Films

Animations that test your movie knowledge. How many titles can you name?

Teodoru Badiu

Happy Easter courtesy the 3D Lucha Libre rabbit stylings of Teodoru Badiu.

Mark Powell

Mark Powell creates beautiful shading and emotion with his series of Biro Pen Drawings. Check out the wealth of creativity Here.

Michael Rea

Michael Rea’s wooden sculpture work is jaw dropping fun.

Street Art Geode Project

Paige Smith of A Common Name creates street art worthy of the California Gold Rush or Boo’s tree in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Utilizing decayed hollowed out areas in the urban landscape, she fills them with shiny treasures for the passerby to discover.


Skia’s work creates a fresh blend of warm details with geometric simplicity.