Brigands, Nerds and Dread Pirates


The TV series “Firefly” and the subsequent theatrical release “Serenity” by the brilliant Joss Whedon introduced a fresh sense of humor, action and unique moments of pure creativity to a devoted fan base. As with all the best shows, when it ended it felt like saying goodbye to close friends for the last time. This tribute combines memorable quotes from both the movie and series. Find this and the following pieces available in the ChetArt online shop.


Joining the previous Coen brothers series tribute comes “O Brother Where Art Thou?,” a comedic treatment of Homer’s Odyssey set in Mississippi in 1937. On top of the acting and storyline, the lush cinematography and collection of folk songs have found a special place in my brain and heart.


When I picked up William Goldman’s novel “Princess Bride” back in the 70’s, I quickly realized I had discovered something special when I came to the first “commentary” in red ink. That same sense of fun hit me years later when Rob Reiner brought the twisted, tongue-in-cheek fairy tale to the big screen. This collection of quotes pays tribute to both the book and film for creating moments of perfect humor.


Sheldon Cooper, played expertly by Jim Parsons on the TV series “Big Bang Theory” is the quintessential nerd. Despite his chronic need to point out the mental shortcomings of those around him, he always finds a way to make you like him. This portrait pays tribute with a variety of quotes by and about him.

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Nathan Kaso

Miniature Melbourne from Nathan Kaso

Nathan Kaso transforms the ordinary world with tilt shift photography into a hypnotic blend that looks part miniature diorama and quirky stop action animation.

Leah Giberson

Leah Giberson

Leah Giberson creates beautiful renditions of retro transportation and the like

Valero Doval

Valero Doval

Imaginative collage work from Valero Doval.

Matt Molloy


Photographer Matt Molloy creates a painterly effect by stacking his time lapse shots.

Daniel Krall

Daniel Krall

Great graphic treatment and color palette from Daniel Krall.

Everything I Can See From Here

Everything I Can See From Here from The Line

Arresting in it’s beauty with a touch of horror thrown in. I especially love the slow moving, palette knife clouds.

Tentacles! An Art Show


I’m proud to be a part of the upcoming “Tentacles!” art show at Ltd. Gallery in Seattle. Curated by Bonnie Burton, the show will be chock full of a variety of tentacle related art inspired by pop culture, literature, nature and comic books by 40 artists. The three ChetArt entries illustrate moments from a series, with a nod to Norman Saunders, that pits Martians against the dreaded Cthulhu creature. The show opens May 4th. Discover more as the date draws nearer by visiting the Ltd. Gallery site.



Jessica Drenk

Jessica Drenk1

This pencil sculpture by Jessica Drenk appears at first glance to be a bit of flotsam rescued from the sea.

Jessica Drenk2

Jesús Prudencio

Jesús Prudencio

Jesús Prudencio has a great series titled “Cars and Films.”


Monkey like Shave it from 3DAR

Jeremy Miranda

Jeremy Miranda

Beautiful split level series by Jeremy Miranda.

Giacomo Miceli

Chemin Vert from Giacomo Miceli



Street artist Roadsworth transforms mundane street graphics into surprising bits of humor.

Silvia Cordedda

Silvia Cordedda

Beautifully haunting work by Silvia Cordedda

Stanley Kubrick Filmography


Nerd Cave Showcase

Nerd Cave

This Sunday, Tribe Comics in Austin will bring together a great collection of creatives at the annual Nerd Cave Showcase. I’ll be there selling card sets, prints and magnets. Event runs 6-10 PM.

Celentano Woodworks

Paul Celentano

Paul Celentano creates whimsical musical instruments from just about any subject matter you can think of. (His “Banjo Ukulele” approaches the realm of a musical turducken.)

Coen Brothers Series


If asked to choose my favorite style of movie direction I would have to choose the Coen Brothers because of their consistently outlandish writing, characters and imagery. They grabbed hold of my imagination for the first time with a  Blood Simple screening in New York City back in 1984. Then in 1987 I had the privilege of sitting in on a press and critic’s screening of Raising Arizona. Without any preconceived notions or trailers to prepare me, I was blown away with the comedic timing, wild characters and insanely clever dialogue. From then on each of their movies were at the top of my must-see list. In honor of their genius, I’ve created a series of some of my favorite Coen Brothers characters along with famous quotes and icons from each movie. The series includes The Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona and Fargo. Each is available in the ChetArt online shop.




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