Monster Monkey Mash

Mordecai Sinisteroso wishes you a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

Beto Janz

Cool spooky recyclying from Beto Janz. He’s customized used and broken skateboard decks to produce this great collection of skull art.

Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger’s work combines elements of mystery and atmosphere to create stories appropriately told around a campfire at night.

Pumpkin Art

It’s that time of year to pause and appreciate the many creative forms of Halloween pumpkin carving.  See more at Super Punch.

Shuichi Nakano

Artist Shuichi Nakano’s series of paintings place giant animals among the buildings of urban Japan.

Literary Pets Calendar

Half Price Books has just released their official 2011 calendar in stores and online, featuring 12 of the Literary Pet portraits.

Dante Terzigni

Enjoyable compositions, subject matters and color schemes from Cleveland-based illustrator Dante Terzigni.

Helen Musselwhite

Check out more paper craft goodness from Manchester artist Helen Musselwhite.

Vintage VW Signage

Check out this collection of great graphics. What better canvas to work with than this classic VW bus.

Monster Monkey Monday

Julian Coalheart,  zombie chimp and card carrying Sinister Simian, invites you to jump into the spirit of Halloween by taking the Horror Movie quiz. (Be sure to use the pause button on this one.)

Movie Poster Style

Here’s a clever collection of visuals inspired by articles of clothing that are key to a movie’s theme and identity.

Studio On Fire

The folks over at Studio On Fire offer both design and letterpress printing services. The image selected shows examples of their 2010 letterpress calendar.


Giant Episode 2 Sun from Celine&Yann.

Yum Yum

I’ve got two words for you… Yum Yum!

Franco Brambilla

Franco Brambilla’s ability to transform the world of vintage travel postcards into eerie, mysterious and many times humorous tableaus of science fiction amazes me.

Quizzical Look

Characters from a selection of the Literary and Artistic Pets have been combined to make a new fun quiz on Sporcle, a site chock full of memory testing, trivia inducing fun.

A big thanks goes out to Dave Hejmanowski for putting the quiz together.

Peter Chan

Peter Chan’s work is a wonderful blend of mystery, humor and magic.

Robin F. Williams

Dream-like imagery from painter Robin F. Williams.

John K.

Hip, hip, hooray for the genius of John K!

Monkey Pup

Monkey Monday goes for a “two fer” with added dog flavor. Check out this primate canine couture at Rachael’s Talk2thetrees Etsy shop.