Super Villain Yearbook Photos

Fun series of super villains posing for their high school yearbook photos.

From artist GhostHause

La Muerte Halloween Mask

The fine folks over at Thrillist are helping with your last minute costume needs. You can download a pdf of my “La Muerte” character mask over at their site. Wear this Lucha Libre harbinger of death head to score your share of sweets or just to scare the cat.

~Download your free mask here~

Download + Print Out + Cut Out + Wear = Scare

Shop here for the signed print.

Monster Roll

Sushi chefs vs. monsters

Greg Newman

Greg Newman knows how to capture the essence of celebrity. His Tim Burton portrait is perfect for the season.

Pumpkin Art

Chris Dugas has collected a fun selection of pumpkin carvings. via Outside the Cage

Jeremy Enecio

Jeremy Enecio’s “Cthulu” strikes just the right amount of horror with its minimal treatment.

Who’s Your Big Daddy?

Get in the Halloween mood by visiting this great Dragon Con 2012 photo set by “Millermz.” Above is a great “Bioshock” Big Daddy and Little Sister.

Daniel Agdad

Daniel Agdad’s cardboard sculptures are insanely intricate and creative.

Alex Andreev

Russian artist Alex Andreev creates fantastic worlds brimming with apparent back stories. To me, this piece creates the feel of a Han Solo/Chewbacca series of adventures.

Mike Bell

Nice mash-up of Nightmare Before Christmas with Day of the Dead by Mike Bell.

Jeff Agala

Jeff Agala creates energetic and colorful caricatures.

“Collective Noun” Series

A new series from ChetArt explores the world of “Collective Nouns,” in which animals and creatures are grouped together by an identifier. Five groups created to date with more on the way. Each is available in the online shop as an 11″ x 14″ signed print on high quality archival paper. Clicking on each image will take you directly to the shop’s listing.

Click Each Image For The Print Listing Or Here to Visit the ChetArt Store

Jes Hunt

Who ya gonna call? Jes Hunt, I reckon.

Serge Birault

Serge Birault creates a classic portrait of Morticia, the Addams family matriarch.

David Orias

At first glance I thought David Orias was an abstract painter. In fact he creates mesmerizing long exposure photos of waves and water.

Peter McFarlane

Peter McFarlane transforms spare parts and found objects into clever works of art.

Geek-Art: an Anthology

Due out next month will be Thomas Olivri’s Geek-Art: an Anthology, a 416 page book chock full of 100 artist’s samples highlighted over the years on the wonderful Geek-Art blog.

I’m proud to be included as part of this project with a selection from my Superlative Heroes and Nefarious Villains portraits. Set for a release in France on November 9th, fingers crossed for a future English translation version sometime thereafter.

Learn more about the book here.

Bastian Kalous

Explore a multitude of mysterious and ethereal images with the Polaroid collection of artist Bastian Kalous.

ChetArt-Steampunk Monkey and Sinister Simians

The line of Steampunk Monkey Nation and Society of Sinister Simians portraits have a new, colorful facelift. All signed prints from the series have new monkey-licious color backgrounds and have been modified to fit in 8 x 10 beveled mats, ready to frame. Collect ’em all!

Check out the entire line here:

Steampunk Monkey Nation And The Society of Sinister Simians

Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera has created a whimsical series of animal chairs.