Rayguns & Robots! Show- Ltd. Art Gallery

Rayguns & Robots! Show    Ltd. Art Gallery    Opening Reception-Sat. June 16th.

I’m proud to be included in the upcoming show at Seattle’s Ltd. Gallery titled “Rayguns & Robots!,” a tribute to classic science fiction, curated by Chris Jackson of Acme Achives. I’ve contributed 2 pieces, created fresh for the show, to add to the stellar cast of creative talent. I was given the monkey back flip honor of having one my entries, “Captain Monk-o-tron 5000” chosen for use on the poster. The opening reception will be held on June 16th at 7PM and the collection will be on display through July 22nd.

The hybrid monkey robot space warrior gracing the poster is an original character I created with the flavor of 1950’s fantasy. His back story reads:

“The fearsome Captain Monk-o-tron 5000 is the result of the marriage of organic and mechanical components. A super strength robotic armature outfitted with state of the art weapons and defense system was combined with the head and brain of assassin Elijah Sprocketmark. Among the countless missions, wars and undercover operations he took part in, his proudest moment came from being part of the first wave of simian robot soldiers that invaded and ultimately conquered the planet earth in the year 2525.”

“Captain Monk-o-tron 5000”  (Click Image to Enlarge)

The second entry is a tribute to Mystery Science Theater 3000. I imagined the MST3K crew, watching themselves on screen, as their alter egos attack a defenseless city, all the while throwing out satirical barbs about the cheesy special effects, bad props and awful dialogue dubbing.

“MST3K Attacks”  (Click Image to Enlarge)

Both images will be presented in the gallery as signed, framed Giclée prints. A limited edition run of each will also be available. Mark your calendars if you’re in the area or check the web site after the show opens for purchase info.

Alexandre Dubosc

Great tribute to Tim Burton from Alexandre Dubosc.

Mind the Map

The London Transport Museum’s exhibition “Mind the Map: Inspiring Art, Design and Cartography” is a map lover’s dream. via The Guardian

ChetArt Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to shop for the perfect gift that says, “Thanks Dad, for your support with your worldly advice/bail bond/love.” Bypass the usual Sharper Image drudgery, such as the golf tee meat thermometer or universal remote tie clip in exchange for some truly foolish fun.

The ChetArt shop offers a massive gallery of Tiki flavored signed prints. Choose one that best represents dad or go for the “two fer” special to treat yourself with an extra.

Also available: “The Twilight of the Tiki” limited edition hand bound and signed book.

For the superhero loving Dad, choose the Union of Superlative Heroes and Order of Nefarious Villains. Available as trading card sets and a limited edition, back to back hand bound book.

Visit the section HERE for card sets, books and signed prints.

You say your Dad likes monkeys? Well, look no further for an enormous wealth of simian silliness.

ChetArt offers unique and original portraits of monkeys spoofing the Victorian Era, imaginary worlds of Steampunk and a cavalcade of historical tomfoolery.

These images are available as signed prints, trading card sets, limited edition books, coloring books and the newly released poker sized playing card set.

Simian Playing Cards—-Society of Sinister Simians Book—-Monkey Coloring Book

Hand stitched leather paperweight

Steampunk Monkey Nation—-World War Monkey—-Society of Sinister Simians

Let the monkey decide!

Monkey Decider Kit

Caution: If your Dad receives one or more of these simian gifts, there’s a high likelihood he’ll substitute relaxing in the backyard hammock for swinging from the tree.

J20 Fruit Master spot

Some anthropomorphic fun for J20 Fruit Master. Via It’s Art

Dale Dunning

Dale Dunning transforms metal type into figurative sculpture.


Identified as Euclase, Licia’s gallery is full of celebrity portrait paintings. Seeing her take on Time Bandits’ character of Evil brought back a nice rush of Terry Gilliam nostalgia.

Yum Yum- Happy Food

Happy Food short from Yum Yum.

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

A visit to the 2012 spring Renegade Craft Fair provided a wealth of creativity and great artistic energy. I enjoyed meeting folks from across the country as well as a great representation of local Austin artists and fellow Austin Craft Rioters. What follows, after the jump,is a small sampling of booths from the show. Be sure and click on images for a larger view.

Continue reading “Renegade Craft Fair Austin”

MailChimp for Online Sellers-ChetArt

Thanks MailChimp, for the nice spotlight with your Online Seller series.

Hillary White

Check out the clever mash-ups of Hillary White.

Fugu and Tako

Great special effects from Robot.

DeTomaso Pantera

DeTomaso Pantera brings a host of feathered friends to life via Lego bricks.


Colosse by Hornet Inc.

Guim Tió Zarraluki

Guim Tio Zarraluki creates arresting portraits by painting onto photographic portraits, leaving portions of the photo intact.

Thrillist Monkeys Around

Thrillist highlights ChetArt today with a great feature, combining news of my playing card set with a trip to the zoo. Thanks Dan!

Avengers Art Show

An art show collection with an “Avengers” theme is up at Gallery 1988. Pictured above: “Iron Legacy” by N.C. Winters.

Hey Geek Girl

Hey Geek Girl is a tribute to women in pop culture. On display through June 10th at

Ltd. Art Gallery.

Ron Ulicny

Ron Ulicny is a very clever fellow.

Jamie Brett Treadwell

Jamie Brett Treadwell weaves together a fascinating world of urban and suburban dreams with bright colors and loads of imagination.