Zane Greyhound

Zane Greyhound

Happy Birthday to Zane Greyhound, born on this day 1872. He was a popular American writer known for his adventure novels of the old west. Greyhound presented his idealized vision with such classics as “Riders of the Puppy Sage,” “To the Last Dog,” Tails of Lonely Trails” and “Code of the West Highland Terrier.” (from Literary Pets 2)



Tattoo Colouring Book by Megamunden.

In James We Trust

James Charles

James Charles draws on money. (And it’s pretty great.)

3A Toys- Iron Man

3A Iron Man

3A Toys plans a release of a new Iron Man figure, designed by Ashley Wood.

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Wayne Unten

Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers from Wayne Unten

Ltd. Gallery- CATZ! show

ChetArt-GrumpyTheHutt(Click Image to Enlarge)

Ltd. Gallery in Seattle will be opening its CATZ! show with a reception Feb. 1st. 6PM-10PM. I’m proud to be a part of the event with 2 pieces. The Star Wars mashup “Grumpy the Hutt” (pictured above) and my feline version of tom cat Daryl Dixon pays tribute to The “Walking Dead” and is titled “The Wagging Dead.” (below)

The Wagging Dead-ChetArt

NormanReedusNorman Reedus poses with his copy of my Wagging Dead print at Austin ComicCon

 Get your copy of The Wagging Dead here

and Grumpy the Hutt here


Best to avoid viewing this if you’re susceptible to nightmares. Beautiful nonetheless.

PORTRAIT from MILKYEYES – donato sansone

Luca Iaconi-Stewart

Luca Iaconi-Stewart

Boeing 777 model created from manila folders by Luca Iaconi-Stewart.

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Ghosts, Monsters and Flair

Ghostbusters-ChetArt“Who You Gonna Call” signed tribute print

Marking its 30 year anniversary, “Ghostbusters” busted on to the pop-culture landscape with insanely humorous vengeance. With Ivan Reitman’s skilled direction and the comic genius of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis leading the pack of a stellar cast of actors, it was an instant classic. It was a true movie-watching pleasure, experiencing all the twists, turns and punchlines in the theater in 1984. Above is my tribute to the film, including some of the iconic imagery and quotes.

YoungFrankenstein-ChetArt“It’s Pronounced Fronkensteen” signed tribute print

Mel Brooks is responsible for creating some of the greatest comedic tag lines and phrases in film history. One of his best achievements, in my humble opinion, is the visual recreation of James Whale’s “Frankenstein,” titled “Young Frankenstein.” The beautiful black and white feature paid loving tribute to the original with nuance and care, (not to mention inclusion of the original “Frankenstein” lab equipment) all the while delivering non-stop slapstick, puns and sight gags in true Mel Brooks form. Premiering 40 years ago, it has stood the test of time with its immense silliness.

OfficeSpace Etsy

“Case of the Mondays” signed tribute print

Anyone who has ever worked for a corporation or big company can relate to the cult classic “Office Space.”  Director Mike Judge, also known for “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill,” transformed his “Milton” character to the big screen in a live action comedy. Even though the movie is centered on the plight of Peter Gibbons and his Kafkaesque struggles against TPS reports and his boss, Bill Lumbergh, I chose the soft spoken sociopath Milton as the centerpiece for my tribute of this unique and clever comedy.


All three available in the ChetArt Etsy shop.

Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar – Stainless, 42 Street (excerpt)

Filming with a high speed camera, Adam Magyar creates the effect of frozen people as a train pulls into the station.

Mike Hollingshead

Mike Hollingshead

Dynamic nature photography from Mike Hollingshead.

The Cast of Futurama


I’ll have to take Karl’s word that this is the entire cast of Futurama.

Mister Finch


Textile flora and fauna from Mister Finch.

Romain Laurent

romain laurent

Animated gif fun from Romain Laurent.

Hero Complex Gallery- Imagined Worlds

A Clockwork Banana_ChetArt

Hero Complex Gallery’s next show is titled “Imagined Worlds.”  The theme encompasses works inspired by the films of Guillermo del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch & Ridley Scott. I’m honored to be a part of the event with 2 Stanley Kubrick themed entries, “A Clockwork Banana” and “Dr. Strangemonk.” Opening reception is Friday January 17th, 7-10.

Dr. Strangemonk_ChetArt

Ed Fairburn

Ed Fairburn

Map portrait series from Ed Fairburn.

Orlando Arocena


Tribute to Akira in vector form from Orlando Arocena.

Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang

Incredible ceramic work by Johnson Tsang.

Harry Potter Covers


Compilation of Harry Potter book covers from around the world HERE.

Federico Babina


be different giffon6

Series of 17 posters depicting architecture from films by Federico Babina.