Gallery 1988- Memes Show

Gallery 1988 presents a Memes themed art show. My two contributions, titled Blue Oysters and No Cowbell celebrate the classic SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken. You can purchase signed limited edition prints through the links below.

Purchase signed limited edition prints here:

Blue Oysters

No Cowbell

Godzilla and Grumpy Greetings

assaultontokyo640Two new greeting cards are now available in the ChetArt online shop: “Assault on Tokyo” and “Grumpy the Hutt” are available as 5″ x 7″ glossy sturdy greeting cards with envelope.

grumpythehutt640~Shop for ChetArt Greeting Cards Here~

Maneki-Neko Inspired Lucky Cards

LuckyCardsFanned_SmallChetArt Lucky Talisman Cards.

Lucky Talisman display cards feature a Maneki-Neko inspired selection of characters with illustrations by Chet Phillips. Cards are inspired by the Japanese beckoning cat figures displayed to bring good luck and fortune.

Each card is a heavy duty thick book board, covered in a variety of Japanese papers. (Each item comes with a random Japanese paper.) Includes wooden stand with slot for card to rest in.

Cards measure 3.5″ x 5″ with rounded top corners.

Variety of 6. Click each card’s photo for link to online listing.

$12. Each




LuckyDayofDeadCard_SMDay of the Dead


GrumpyCarCard_SMGrumpy Cat

LuckyCardBack_SMReverse Side


~Find Them In The Online Shop Here~



Grumpy the Hutt on TeeFury


“Grumpy the Hutt” now available in the Oddi-Tees collection at TeeFury.

Shop Here To Get Yours

May the Fourth Be With You


Celebrate Star Wars day with Grumpy the Hutt.

Ltd. Gallery- CATZ! show

ChetArt-GrumpyTheHutt(Click Image to Enlarge)

Ltd. Gallery in Seattle will be opening its CATZ! show with a reception Feb. 1st. 6PM-10PM. I’m proud to be a part of the event with 2 pieces. The Star Wars mashup “Grumpy the Hutt” (pictured above) and my feline version of tom cat Daryl Dixon pays tribute to The “Walking Dead” and is titled “The Wagging Dead.” (below)

The Wagging Dead-ChetArt

NormanReedusNorman Reedus poses with his copy of my Wagging Dead print at Austin ComicCon

 Get your copy of The Wagging Dead here

and Grumpy the Hutt here

Custom Cozies


Last month while selling at the Austin Flea, I had the pleasure of setting up next to Gina of Custom Cozies. We did a trade and I requested Grumpy Cat. Gina worked up one for me which I received yesterday. Beautifully hand crafted with all sorts of fun details such as a touch of white thread on the edge of the pupils to indicate reflection and whiskers. It also comes with a strap handle on the back. She also does custom work.

Check out her site Here

And find her on Etsy Here.

GrumpyBeer Back