Cover Art for The Mercury Pills

Just released on iTunes this week, a new album by The Mercury Pills featuring my Space Race artwork.

ChetArt Key Chains

Two new key chain designs that premiered at our San Diego Comic Con booth are now available in the Etsy shop. Tiki and Monkey artwork hot stamped on high quality leather and topped with a sturdy metal ring.

Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich

Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich are an artistic duo from Russia. They create amazing paper sculptures and follow up with thoughtful and creative lighting in many cases. Visit their site, People Too for more examples of their craft.

San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up

So we’re back in the studio, a.k.a. the real world, after an amazing 5 days in San Diego. So many wonderful experiences and connections happened for us and we’re hoping to make it all happen again in 2011. Our paperwork is in for another Small Press table for next year. I’ll be spending some time over the next day or so compiling the huge stack of new mail list subscribers and following up with some interested parties for a variety of new business connections. We were especially happy with the area that we were in and thankful for getting to know a great selection of talented, helpful and friendly booth neighbors. I managed to record just a few in our immediate area with their info after the break below. We hope to see them all next year.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to laugh together, visit and purchase!

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San Diego Comic Con-Day 5

Expecting Sunday, the last day of the convention, to be a little flat and slow proved to be wrong. Some suggested that since most people attended panels and autograph signings on Saturday, they used the last day to browse and shop the exhibit floor exclusively. Once the doors opened it was practically non-stop till the end of the day at 5. Around mid-morning our booth neighbors at Curio & Co. recommended I visit with Bud Plant at his booth and show him what I had been up to. This proved to be a great idea, as Mr. Plant showed a true interest in my Sinister Simian book and the various card sets I had brought. He purchased my remaining 40 copies of Sinister paperbacks for his catalog and also chose a healthy selection of card sets to sell at some of his future shows. It was a fun and exciting way to round off the week with a productive and energizing last day. Sales continued through the “closing bell” and we bid all of our surrounding booth mates a fond farewell. We signed up for next year’s show and hope to have them as neighbors again!

We ended our last evening with a delicious seafood dinner by the bay.

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San Diego Comic Con-Day 4

The fourth day of our Comic Con fun started out quietly. Expecting Saturday to be a non-stop busy day, it had a slow start. But by noon the crowds grew and started spilling down our aisle non stop. Met lots of new and friendly attendees and the sales were great by the end of the day.

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San Diego Comic Con-Day 3

Friday was a very exciting day for us. Around mid-morning a fellow strode up to our booth and asked for details on my various monkey projects. He introduced himself as a Director of Development for Jerry Bruckheimer Films and told me he was very impressed by the characters and the universe I had created for The Society of Sinister Simians. He went on to say that he thought it was one of the most interesting directions for development that he had found within the Small Press area. Of course I gave him a copy of the book and business cards for him to take back to work for future reference and meetings. Whether or not it goes any further than this point, it was wonderful validation of my efforts.

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San Diego Comic Con-Day 2

Our second day of selling at the Con had a slow start to the day. It gave us some time to catch up some from yesterday and also visit with some of our booth neighbors. The couple from Vienna next to us, Curio Co, are now great friends and are promoting a wonderful book they’ve just completed. On our right we have 4 seasoned convention pros that have been loads of help and great fun to visit with. I’ll include info about them in a future post along with links to their great work. As the day progressed the sales kicked in and we received lots of interest and sales with the Society of Sinister Simians book, primarily from a great group of Steampunk  characters. Julie’s hand bound version is a big hit and selling fast.

Here are a few photos from the day, including some of our customers who were kind enough to pose for pictures after their purchase…

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San Diego Comic Con-Day One

Our first day in San Diego was a busy one, to say the least. After arriving, getting set up in the hotel, doing the badge line dance and hauling our first couple of days worth of stock to the table to set up, it was enough to call things a full day. But wait, there was more! Preview night for 4 day badge holders began at 5:30  and ran till 9. Once the doors opened, it was a real “release the hounds” experience. Never saw so many people running with so much purpose, all the while dragging huge Warner Brothers bags from their shoulders. It took a while for people to filter down to our area, but once they did we made lots of new friends, enjoyed lots of laughter and pointing at our booth (that’s a good thing, right?) and sold quite a few things. After hearing stories that Preview Night was usually considered a “Lookie Lou” event, we were glad to see some wallets come out to air. Thursday will be the first big full day and we’re looking forward to letting the monkey business continue…

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San Diego Comic Con

The big week is almost here! Next Wednesday kicks off The 2010 San Diego International Comic Con with preview night and runs through Sunday the 25th. I will have a booth in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth P-13 and it’ll be chock full of monkey bidness. The recently released “Society of Sinister Simians” book, both in paperback and signed limited edition hand bound hardback, “Monkey Color!” coloring books, “Twilight of the Tiki” book, “13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances” book, Wrestle Pets book, signed posters and prints, a variety of pinback buttons(shiny!), stickers and trading cards representing The Society of Sinister Simians, Steampunk Monkey Nation, World War Monkey, Literary Pets and Wrestle Pets. Monkey hope to see you there!

Distracted By Star Wars

We’re gearing up for our booth at next week’s San Diego Comic Con. Here’s an early celebration in the form of Distracted By Star Wars. Above image from the site titled “Chewie” by Will Godwin.

MailChimp 5.2 and Etsy

The release of MailChimp 5.2 has added an  “Autoconnect Etsy Template” that allows users to automagically design an email template with news about your shop or latest items. The folks at MailChimp used my Monkey-centric Etsy shop as an example for this new and exciting feature in their announcement video and their “Let’s Get Social Guide.”

Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen’s use of colors, composition and subject matter is nothing short of fantastic.

Super Happy Fun Monkey Monday

Please take note, International Olympic Committee.

“Twilight of the Tiki” Limited Edition Book

“Twilight of the Tiki” limited edition book, written and illustrated by Chet Phillips. Lettered edition- limited to 26 books. Each signed and lettered.

Discover the mystery and supernatural origins of this collection of unique Tiki figures. 36 portraits and lore, printed in glorious Tiki Colorvision. Book measures 4.5″ x 6.75″ and is hand bound by Julie Sullivan using an exposed spine sewn boards binding. The cover utilizes an attractive beige olive wood grain patterned paper and the spine construction uses hand-dyed linen thread.

Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice.

Greg Peltz

Greg Peltz has imagined a fun series of Star Wars characters with a Steampunk and Victorian flavor.

Max Dalton

Max Dalton has created a wonderful “inventory” piece that lays out all the elements from those wonderful spaghetti westerns. Looking at this, I can almost hear the whining ricochet of bullets and see the comically crooked lip syncing.

Monkey Monday-Raiders of the Lost Carnival

Dang! It’s Hot Sale

In conjunction with Etsy Dallas, now through July 8th I’ll be offering free shipping within the U.S. for all signed prints in the Etsy Shop.