San Diego Comic Con

The big week is almost here! Next Wednesday kicks off The 2010 San Diego International Comic Con with preview night and runs through Sunday the 25th. I will have a booth in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth P-13 and it’ll be chock full of monkey bidness. The recently released “Society of Sinister Simians” book, both in paperback and signed limited edition hand bound hardback, “Monkey Color!” coloring books, “Twilight of the Tiki” book, “13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances” book, Wrestle Pets book, signed posters and prints, a variety of pinback buttons(shiny!), stickers and trading cards representing The Society of Sinister Simians, Steampunk Monkey Nation, World War Monkey, Literary Pets and Wrestle Pets. Monkey hope to see you there!

The Society of Sinister Simians

“The Society of Sinister Simians” explores the mysterious world of an evil collection of vicious and power hungry primates that held sway over the land centuries ago. Thanks to the efforts of the ill-fated Sourcrust archeological dig of 1887, details of this foul organization have finally come to light. In this book you will learn of The Society’s immortal leader, his powerful and brutal cadre of ministers and advisors as well as a variety of assassins, spies, soldiers and frightful supernatural figures.

Just released: the paperback book, limited edition hardcover book and trading card set depicting members of a secret society quite sinister. Part Victorian, part Steampunk and all evil. 122 pages. 24 evil simians illustrated with extensive biographies. Map detailing the realm of sinister sway, weapons and medals galleries as well as an addendum of sinister ephemera. The hardback version is hand bound with a rich Flanders British Tan bonded leather covering, sewn pages and topped off with a custom gold foil stamp. Each is signed and numbered from an edition of 50. The trading card set includes the complete roster of evil membership with the added fun of a poster puzzle on the reverse.

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Wrestle Pets Limited Edition Book

This book of Lucha Libre Wrestle Pets includes 20 dog and cat wrestler portraits along with corresponding humorous biographical information. It includes the original 15 from the trading card set plus five rookies. Each book has been digitally printed on 80 lb Cougar Opaque text and handsomely handbound here in the Dancing Cat Bindery with yellow 100% cotton thread in the pamphlet book style.The cover is Classic Columns Solar White over Red Pepper. A purple metallic foil stamp image of the Wrestle Pets logo adorns the cover label.

Book dimensions-5.5″ x 7.25″
Each is signed and numbered from an edition of 100.

13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances

A limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, of the series “13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances” is now available. Handbound by Julie here in the Dancing Cat Bindery. Japanese style five hole stab binding with 100% cotton thread. Digitally printed on 65 lb Ivory Linen cover stock with Canson Mi Teintes Ivy textured cover. 13 full color illustrations with text. The book measures 5.5″ x 7″ and is available in the Etsy shop.

Spotlight on Dancing Cat Bindery

This blog would not be complete without a well-deserved shout out to my incredibly talented wife, Julie. She has done what most people can only dream of by transforming her life from the world of corporate anonymity to exploring and nurturing¬† her creative side, which she has done quite successfully! Her current bookbinding talents started with a few local workshops and classes that helped her begin mining her inner talents that combined her love of creative expression with a true understanding and love of engineering. (She comes by her engineering skills quite naturally, since her engineer father worked for NASA during the historic moon landing years.) With guidance from her teacher, Catherine Burkhard and continued study through workshops and conferences, Julie’s talents have flourished over the years. Her studio projects in her “Dancing Cat Bindery”¬† have grown over the years from simple repairs to a sanctuary for high profile items, complex mending and unique limited editions. Together we’ve laid the framework for what will soon be the successive release of collaborative projects. Our first, “Woodland Wisdom,” was a lettered edition (26) of Aesop’s Fables that I illustrated and topped of with a haiku moral of each story.