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Jeremy Dower

Jeremy Dower’s work jumps into your lap with a jolt of electric goodness.

Toy Joy Art Show

Photo by White Hot Phoenix

I’ll be represented with 4 pieces in the upcoming annual Toy Joy art show here in Austin. More details to follow soon.

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro creates photographs that have the quality of dream-like paintings.

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith takes on a collection of comic book characters with a dynamic spatter effect.

John Brosio

John Brosio’s tornado series creates moments of raw savage beauty.

Black Sheep Films

New York Park from Black Sheep Films.


Fantastic crocheted alligator playground project by Olek.


Who knew dolls could be so cool?! Check out the great work of Russian sisters

Ekaterina and Elana Popovy.

San Diego Comic Con 2012- Wrap Up

With the third year of exhibiting at San Diego under our belt, we were proud to have our best year ever. The crowds were very responsive to the my new offerings and our stock of Simian Playing cards was depleted early on Saturday. We loved our new location at the end of the aisle and hope to make it our permanent home for the future. If you’ve never attended the event, it’s hard to describe the enormity of the exhibits hall. I’ve tried in the past to capture it with one photo, but it’s just too large. With so many sections representing different industries, the hall could be described as a country with individual states within. The Small Press area is certainly a world of its own with an seemingly endless well of creativity. The folks that inhabit it are passionate about what they do and eager to share with the world. I recorded the G-4 coverage of the event and, though I haven’t watched it through yet, I suspect as with previous years, Small Press didn’t make the cut among all the coverage of  TV, film and other corporate giants. Truly a shame because that’s where so much of the inspiration springs forth. What follows is one last round of photos of various sections, some more fun costumes and a tribute to some new friends we had the pleasure of meeting in our area. Paperwork completed for 2013 and already anxious to return!

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SDCC- Day 3

Day 3 of selling on the exhibit floor brought a truly special moment when one of my personal heroes, April Winchell, a.k.a. Helen Killer of Regretsy fame walked up to my booth for a visit. April has been an incredible champion of my work, heaping high praise and support of my work in the past. She and her husband John presented me with a signed copy of their Regretsy’s Big Book of Fabricated Folktales From Finland and in turn they walked away with a set of Simian Playing Cards and a Bubbleshard Commemorative Badge. They were both so gracious and kind to me and the visit really was brimming with a radioactive level of awesomness. Thank you April and John!

The day was packed with an amazing amount of costumed creativity. I managed to capture some of the more clever and bizarre versions from the comfort of my booth.

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SDCC-Day 2

These courteous and forthright gentlemen of steam were kind enough to pose with their ChetArt purchases. Huzzah! The second full day proved more successful than the first with a steady stream of sales throughout the day. We’re actually starting to see stock levels of some items we brought dwindling down before the big weekend approaches. We were happy to meet new fans and to be greeted by familiar faces from past years. What follows after the break are some shots from the exhibit floor, a sampling of fun cosplay and a line up of Batmobiles from the outside exhibit at the end of the day.

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SDCC-Day 1

(A local San Diego news station included me at the end of a short piece about the event.)

The first full day of exhibiting proved to break our single day record of sales. We had lots of interest in the Simian Playing Card sets, the new Monkopolis book and the wooden badges. Here’s a few more shots of the show floor along with a couple of failed attempts to capture celebrity sightings.

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SDCC-Preview Night

(Click all pictures to enlarge)

Preview night was a big success for us, with lots of sales, visitors to the table and a potential wholesale deal in the works with a local company. What follows are a few shots on the floor moments before the thongs descended. Looking forward to our first full day of fun.

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San Diego Pre-Game Set Up

San Diego welcomed us with cool breezes in the upper 60s as we settled in. As preview night approaches, the ChetArt booth is set up and ready for the crowds. (Pictures soon to follow.) In the meantime I took a cautious stroll through the forklifts and mountains of unpacked boxes scattered throughout the exhibit hall to see what’s ahead for the next few days. Here’s a small sampling of pictures of the work in progress. Be sure to click on the pictures for a larger view.

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ChetArt at San Diego Comic Con

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It’s almost time again for that most magical of events: San Diego’s International Comic Con. I’ll have a presence in the Small Press area again this year with an end-of-the-aisle spot–booth O-01. With Oni Press on one side and the super talented Dane Ault of Monkey Minion Press opposite, there will be tons of creative energy emanating from our little geek-sphere. Along with 9 different trading card sets and 4 limited edition books and signed prints, I’ll be displaying the new “Monkopolis” limited edition book, Simian Playing Card sets and the “Monkopolis” laser engraved wooden badges. Lots of other fun items, big and small, await your viewing and buying pleasure. If you plan to attend, please stop by!


New image available in the ChetArt online shop: “Sanctuary” depicts familiar super characters presented in a crossover setting in the style of a Japanese print. Raging radioactive monster roams in the background.

(Graphic in upper right reads: “Vacation Day.”)

Available in 2 sizes signed by the artist: 8″ x 10″ with white border and no mat plus larger version in 11″ x 14 mat.

(Available online and at SDCC 2012- Small Press Booth O-01)

(Click for larger view)

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André Feliciano

Photographer André Feliciano replaces flowers with tiny cameras for an intriguing series.

Happy Fourth of July

Jerónimo Rocha

Les Paysages by Jerónimo Rocha