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    San Diego Comic Con 2014

    Posted By on July 30, 2014

    ChetArtChetArt Booth in the Small Press Section

    The 2014 San Diego Comic Con was a non-stop whirlwind of fun this year. With 4 hours of preview night on Wednesday and 4 full days through Sunday, we saw lots of familiar faces and made loads of new friends.


    We arrived on Tuesday. From the front door of our hotel was a view of the swaying palm trees, the Assassin’s Creed display being set up and the convention center in the background.


    Our hotel was designated as Terminus. Fortunately there were no train box cars behind the hotel that we were led to after checking in.

    TheBeachleft to right-Cesare, Kirstie, Julie and the Pacific

    The day before set up we took the opportunity to meet up with our good friends from Curio and Co., Cesare and Kirstie. Heading over to Ocean Beach, we enjoyed a burger at Hodad’s before a leisurely stroll on the pier to view the sunset over the water.


    Attendance for the show maxes out at 130,000 and we saw our share of folks. Preview night started off strong for us. So strong we asked our neighbor and friend Jen Sorensen to ship us more product the next day. It was a good decision, as we would have sold all the “Childhood” books by Saturday if we hadn’t received her generous help.

    Along with lots of sales, we had the pleasure of seeing long-time friends, fellow artists and loyal fans, topped with a surprise visit from April Winchell (who has no Regretsy(s) over retiring her wildly popular web site and concentrating on gracing us with her incredible voice work.) I was approached by several people with interest in some high profile projects. Stay tuned for those that may pan out in the coming months. Much to my surprise, my “Grumpy the Hutt” print that was purchased by our wonderful friend Jane Ezratty was then gifted to David Glanzer, the director of marketing and public relations for San Diego’s Comic Con International. The word came back to us that he considered it the best gift he’s received in ages. Here’s hoping it’ll fill a little bit of “NO!” on his wall somewhere. (A big thanks to Jane for gifting and Dustin Romero for passing along the news.)


    What follows are a sampling of photos taken from the convention floor. Click each for a larger view.


    World of Playing Cards

    Posted By on July 18, 2014


    The World of Playing Cards posted a wonderful review of the “Steam Ark”  set.


    ChetArt- San Diego Comic Con 2014

    Posted By on July 17, 2014

    ChetArtBoothSDCC14Located in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth O-01 across from Oni Press

    This year San Diego will be hosting its annual International Comic Con from July 23rd-July 27th, (preview night on the 23rd from 6PM-9PM.) ChetArt will be represented in the Small Press Pavilion in booth O-01 (across from the Oni Press booth.) This year’s offerings will include the Childhood book and prints from the series, the new playing card set titled Steam Ark, along with a trading card set version, vinyl stickers, a variety of tribute prints, new leather key chains and a lot more.

    SDCC14map(Click Map to Enlarge)

    Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Posted By on July 16, 2014

    Brendan FitzpatrickX-Rays of toys by Brendan Fitzpatrick. via Streets of Beige

    Patrick Ballesteros

    Posted By on July 15, 2014

    Patrick Ballesteros

    Great coin operated series from Patrick Ballesteros.

    Time Lapse Sanded

    Posted By on July 14, 2014

    Verschleif from Laurin Döpfner

    Fantasy in the City Show- Ltd. Art Gallery

    Posted By on July 10, 2014


    July 18th marks the opening of Ltd. Art Gallery’s “Fantasy in the City” show. Artists will present their concepts of characters from various worlds of fantasy placed in modern day surroundings. My contribution (above)  is titled “Sauron’s Raiders.” Visit the official Facebook event page HERE for more.

    ChetArt Vinyl Stickers

    Posted By on July 8, 2014

    CthuhluStickerCoin Operated” (a.k.a. Lil’ Cthulhu) measures approx. 4″ x 3″

    New in the ChetArt shop: Vinyl stickers that showcase 2 images from the “Childhood” book and print series. Both are printed on high quality vinyl, appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use.

    AlienStickerPicBig Wheel Turning” measures approx. 4″ x 3.5″

    ~Find Both in the ChetArt Shop Here~

    Nightmare Playgrounds

    Posted By on July 8, 2014


    Shudder-worthy collection of “playground” images via Dark Roasted Blend.

    Frankfurt Airport Becomes a Starport

    Posted By on July 7, 2014

     Frankfurt Airport cleverly transformed into a Star Wars Starport.

    (despite the title, not really leaked footage)

    Ashley MacKenzie

    Posted By on July 3, 2014

    Ashley MacKenzie

    Fluid surrealism from Ashley MacKenzie.

    Phil Postma

    Posted By on July 2, 2014

    Phil Postma

    Norman Rockwell and Batman mashup. via Phil Postma

    Greg Klassen

    Posted By on July 1, 2014


    Furniture design with a river theme from Greg Klassen.

    Let’s Try Something Different

    Posted By on June 30, 2014


    Steam Ark Playing Cards

    Posted By on June 25, 2014


    Steam Ark is an alternate universe of Victorian, Steampunk flavored animal characters. Each group is comprised of a particular type of animal: Aerie Clan- Birds, Simian Clan- Monkeys and Apes, Woodland Clan- Forest Creatures and Predator Clan- Big Cats. 52 individual portraits of characters from each Clan are represented in a casino quality, plastic coated poker deck. The card deck sports a custom designed red back. 2 jokers and 4 additional suit cards are also included.

    Click Here to Shop for Steam Ark Playing Cards

    SteamArkDeck and Box


    Click the images below to enlarge.




    Click Here to Shop for Steam Ark Playing Cards

    Steam Ark Trading Cards

    Posted By on June 25, 2014


    The Steam Ark trading card set delves into the lives and occupations of the inhabitants of a Victorian Steampunk alternate universe. 52 cards in all, each has a full color portrait with name, affiliations, Clan motto, rank, specialties and quote on the reverse. Cards measure 2.25″ x 3.75″ and are printed on 100 gloss stock. Presented in a Japanese styled paper portfolio. The set showcases 4 Victorian Steampunk animal Clans: Predator (Big Cats), Simian (Monkeys and Apes), Aerie (Birds) and Woodland (various woodland animals.) The set serves as a companion piece to the Steam Ark playing card set.

    Click Here to Shop for the Trading Card Set


    Front card size.tif

    Front card size.tif

    Below is a sampling of cards from the set. Click the images to enlarge.




    Click Here to Shop for the Trading Card Set

    S.Q. Schwartz- Every Chicken in This Room

    Posted By on June 24, 2014


    S.Q. Schwartz’s take on “Every Chicken In This Room” scene from Game of Thrones.

    Curio & Co.- Spaceman Jax

    Posted By on June 20, 2014


    Discover a wealth of creativity with “Spaceman Jax” over at Curio & Co.

    Simon Delart- Penny Dreadful

    Posted By on June 18, 2014

    Simon Delart

    Beautiful “Penny Dreadful” Vanessa Ives portrait from Simon Delart.

    Childhood- ChetArt Hand Bound Book

    Posted By on June 11, 2014

    BookCoverBlog48 Page Book- 20 Color Illustrations with Text and Haiku Poems

    Childhood is a hand bound book of Japanese styled illustrations paying homage to nostalgic activities and toys. Each image showcases playful parodies of a variety of characters from films, TV and pop culture. This 48 page book contains 20 full color illustrations. Haiku poetry and reflections on youthful amusements accompany each piece of art. Written, illustrated and designed by Chet Phillips with binding created by Julie Sullivan of Dancing Cat Bindery.

    The book measures 8.5″ x 11″ printed on 80 gloss text. Front and back covers are richly textured 100lb. Espresso cover stock with a window on front cover revealing a peek to the interior orange cover stock page. Each cover is gold foil stamped with Japanese characters (translates: childhood) and is sewn with a Japanese stab binding technique using green ribbon. The last two pages translate the Japanese titles and text within each illustration.


    Book and a select number of prints available in the ChetArt online store HERE.

    CoverDetail500Gold foil stamp and cover window showing through to orange interior.


    Character parodies represented in Childhood:

    Godzilla • King Kong • MST3K • The Hulk • The Thing • Totoro •  Catbus • Cthulhu • Nosferatu • The Terminator • Robo Cop • Alien • Mothra • Ultraman • Ultraman Zero • King Ghidorah  • Bender • Baragon • Gremlin • Mogwai • Astro Boy • Tetsujin 28 • Robby the Robot • Optimus Prime • Cyclops • Martian • Metaluna Mutant • Mechagodzilla • Gamera • Bubo • Kraken • Tardis • Daleks • Space Godzilla

    BossBattle_ChetArt500(Click Image Previews For More Info)







    T-28 Open

    Model Builder_ChetArt Open



    TranslationPage2(Examples of the illustration’s translations, all available in the back of the book)

    ~Click Here to Browse the ChetArt Shop for the Book and a Selection of Prints~

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