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    This blog serves as a collection of past, present and future projects from the illustration studio of Chet Phillips. There will also be spotlights on creative people I admire and how-tos, mixed with an occasional bit of silliness culled from the Intertubes added in for seasoning. Thank you for visiting.
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    ChetStock- Chet Phillips Stock Art

    Posted By on February 19, 2015


    Now available: Over 200 (and counting) full color illustrations by Chet Phillips as stock art images, all at an affordable price. Animals, seasonal and business-themed images available to use on:

    1. Websites, banners, blogs, avatars
    2. Advertising, promotion, packaging, presentations, film and video, catalogs
    3. Books, covers, magazines, newspapers, editorial, newsletters
    4. “Not for resale” products like personal posters, personal postcards

    Available in a custom Etsy shop, it couldn’t be easier to use. Credit cards and Paypal accepted world wide. Just select and pay for your image and Etsy will email you a link to a retrieval page where you can download your file immediately.

    Click Here to Visit the Shop


    Samuel Gomez

    Posted By on February 18, 2015

    Samuel Gomez

    Samuel Gomez creates mind-staggering detail with graphite.

    Ricardo Chucky

    Posted By on February 17, 2015

    Ricardo Chucky

    Ricardo Chucky combines great talent with humor.

    Gallery1988- Is This Thing On?

    Posted By on February 16, 2015

    WhereTheAngryThingsAre_ChetArt“Where the Angry Things Are” by Chet Phillips

    Is This Thing On? #4: An Art Show Inspired By Funny People opens Friday, Feb. 20th at Gallery1988 West. My contribution is a homage to Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” character Carol mashed up with the king of the angry, finger pointed rant, Lewis Black. Gallery reception is from 7-10 PM. The limited edition Giclee run and framed version with be available at the reception and afterwards in the Gallery1988 online shop.

    Visit the Gallery 1988 Online Shop to Purchase

    Guillaume Panariello- Unconditional Rebel

    Posted By on February 13, 2015

    unconditional rebel – siska from Guillaume Panariello


    Posted By on February 12, 2015


    Energetic and colorful work from Ekundayo.

    Nicolas Fong- Many Chances

    Posted By on February 11, 2015

    BRNS – Many Chances from Nicolas Fong

    Edward Pun- The Walking Dead

    Posted By on February 10, 2015

    Edward Pun

    Great set of Walking Dead caricatures by Edward Pun.

    Juan Esteban Rodríguez

    Posted By on February 6, 2015

    Juan Esteban Rodríguez

    Star Wars screen print by Juan Esteban Rodríguez.

    Elgin Park

    Posted By on February 5, 2015

    “Elgin Park” from Animal

    Pieke Bergmans

    Posted By on February 4, 2015

    Pieke Bergmans

    Unique light bulb design from Pieke Bergmans.

    Tolga Girgin

    Posted By on February 3, 2015

    Tolga Girgin

    Mind-blowing 3-D effects from the pen of Tolga Girgin.

    Simpals- Dji. Death Sails

    Posted By on February 2, 2015

    Dji. Death Sails from simpals

    Jenna Martin

    Posted By on January 30, 2015

    Jenna Martin

    Jenna Martin creates surreal worlds with her photography.

    Matthew Grabelsky

    Posted By on January 29, 2015

    Matthew Grabelsky

    Jarring juxtapositions by Matthew Grabelsky.

    Vucko- Original

    Posted By on January 28, 2015

    Original / Short from Vucko

    Marcelo Schultz

    Posted By on January 27, 2015

    Marcelo Schultz

    “We Love Kicks” from Marcelo Schultz

    Ignacio Canales Aracil

    Posted By on January 26, 2015

    Ignacio Canales Aracil

    Ignacio Canales Aracil creates vessel shapes with pressed flowers.

    John Edmark- Helicone

    Posted By on January 22, 2015

    Helicone — an interactive kinetic sculpture from John Edmark

    Kilian Schönberger- Brother Grimm’s Wanderings

    Posted By on January 16, 2015

    Brothers Grimm Set

    Kilian Schönberger offers up a set of magical photographs inspired by fairy tales.

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