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    This blog serves as a collection of past, present and future projects from the illustration studio of Chet Phillips. There will also be spotlights on creative people I admire and how-tos, mixed with an occasional bit of silliness culled from the Intertubes added in for seasoning. Thank you for visiting.
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    Michael Beitz

    Posted By on March 20, 2015

    michael beitz

    Outrageous furniture design from Michael Beitz.

    Gallery 1988- Postcard Correspondence Show

    Posted By on March 17, 2015

    Skull_Island_ChetPhillips“Skull Island” by Chet Phillips

    Friday March 20th marks the opening of a unique art show at Gallery 1988. The “Postcard Correspondence” show will feature artwork, not only with a postcard theme, but also presented in the size format of postcards. Along with framed pieces in the gallery, printed postcards will be available for purchase. Many of the artists, along with myself, will offer a signed limited edition run of their pieces. “Skull Island” and “The Great Escape” will be on display and a signed limited edition of 100 for each will be for sale. Each measures at 4.25″ x 6″ (Stay tuned for the gallery store link after the reception.)

    Purchase from the limited edition here:

    Skull Island

    The Great Escape

    GreatEscape_ChetPhillips“The Great Escape” by Chet Phillips

    SkullislandBack(Click to Enlarge)


    Rachel Ignotofsky

    Posted By on March 16, 2015

    Rachel Ignotofsky

    Rachel Ignotofsky illustrates women of science. via My Modern Met

    TeePublic ChetArt Shirts- Part 2

    Posted By on March 13, 2015

    OneMoreGame“One More Game”

    More t-shirts now available at the ChetArt TeePublic shop.

    AryaAndHoundShirt“Arya And The Hound”

    MonkeyMantle“Monkey Mantle”

    LordBananasShirt“Lord of the Bananas”

    DapperDanShirt“Dapper Dan of the Dead”

    PeeWeeShirt“Pee Wee And Mr. T”

    TeePublic- ChetArt Shirts

    Posted By on March 12, 2015

    SamuraiTurtleShirt“Samurai Turtle”

    A selection of ChetArt images are now available on T-Shirts via TeePublic. Choose from a variety of shirt colors and styles. Along with the standard t-shirt you can choose a tank top, crewneck long sleeve, hoodie and kids shirt.

    ~Visit the shop page here~

    FastFuriousShirt“Fast And Furious”

    MonkeyWarsShirt“Monkey Wars”

    MonkeyTrekShirt“Monkey Trek”

    LilCthulhuShirt“Lil’ Cthulhu”

    MST3KShirt“MST3k Attacks!”

    Stovepipe Art + Animation

    Posted By on March 10, 2015


    Great monster series from Stovepipe Art + Animation.

    Interview- Creative Room 4 Talk

    Posted By on March 9, 2015


    A big thank you to the folks at CreativeRoom4Talk for this nice spotlight and interview.

    Salvatore Murgia- Otto

    Posted By on March 6, 2015

    OTTO from Salvatore Murgia

    “Fast & Furious” Vinyl Sticker

    Posted By on March 4, 2015

    StickerPicRev500“Fast and Furious” vinyl sticker by Chet Phillips.

    The “Fast & Furious” vinyl sticker measures 4″ x 3.5″ and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Display this happy little Vespa ridin’ Kaiju in a variety of places.

    Now Available Here

    Dvein- River Island

    Posted By on March 4, 2015

    River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza from Dvein

    Barbara Wildenboer

    Posted By on March 3, 2015

    Barbara Wildenboer

    Barbara Wildenboer creates sculptures by cutting and reassembling book pages.

    Staple! Independent Media Expo 2015

    Posted By on March 2, 2015


    March 7th-8th marks this year’s Staple! Independent Media Expo, held at the Marchesa Hall and Theater in Austin. With over 150 exhibitors it’s a visual treat. I’m proud to be a part of this year’s show. If you’re in Austin, mark the event on your calendar to experience loads of creative fun. Visit the official Staple! site for more info and a list of exhibitors.

    StapleChetArtSelection A selection of items from ChetArt available at the show.

    The ChetArt table will be located next to the Annex room entrance, table 56.


    Lights! Cameras! Kitties!

    Posted By on February 26, 2015


    Lights! Cameras! Kitties! is a collection of 8 images of cats in iconic tv and movie settings. All 8 images from the series are available as a set of 5″ x 7″ postcards. Each postcard is printed on sturdy 14 pt. Premium Linen card stock. Suitable for mailing or framing. Set includes:

    • A Clockwork Orange Tabby
    • Arya and the Hound
    • Apocatlypse Now
    • Grumpy The Hutt
    • Mousebusters
    • Nosfercatu
    • The Trouble With Kittehs
    • The Wagging Dead

    Mousebusters500“Mousebusters” by Chet Phillips

    ~Purchase the Postcard Set Here~

    AryaAndTheHound_WaggingSm“The Wagging Dead” and “Arya And The Hound”

    Edy Hardjo

    Posted By on February 26, 2015

    Edy Hardjo

    Action figure posing fun from photographer Edy Hrjoe.

    Barbara Bernát

    Posted By on February 25, 2015

    Barbara Bernát

    Barbara Bernát designed bills for the Hungarian Euro with a unique UV security feature.

    Barbara Bernát2


    Media Design School- Over the Moon

    Posted By on February 24, 2015

    Over the Moon from Media Design School

    Quotes, Lines & Lyrics Show- Hero Complex Gallery

    Posted By on February 23, 2015


    Hero Complex Gallery presents the Quotes, Lines and Lyrics show, opening on Feb. 27th. The event showcases artwork celebrating film and tv quotes, passages from literature and the lyrics of music legends.

    4 ChetArt pieces were created for the show, each spotlighting a character from a classic movie mashed up with a quote from another classic movie. Opening reception is 7-10PM with the online shop for the show available on Saturday the 28th.

    Prints Available For Purchase:

    No Place Like Home

    Not Easy Being Green

    If You Build It…


    ChetStock- Chet Phillips Stock Art

    Posted By on February 19, 2015


    Now available: Over 200 (and counting) full color illustrations by Chet Phillips as stock art images, all at an affordable price. Animals, seasonal and business-themed images available to use on:

    1. Websites, banners, blogs, avatars
    2. Advertising, promotion, packaging, presentations, film and video, catalogs
    3. Books, covers, magazines, newspapers, editorial, newsletters
    4. “Not for resale” products like personal posters, personal postcards

    Available in a custom Etsy shop, it couldn’t be easier to use. Credit cards and Paypal accepted world wide. Just select and pay for your image and Etsy will email you a link to a retrieval page where you can download your file immediately.

    Click Here to Visit the Shop


    Samuel Gomez

    Posted By on February 18, 2015

    Samuel Gomez

    Samuel Gomez creates mind-staggering detail with graphite.

    Ricardo Chucky

    Posted By on February 17, 2015

    Ricardo Chucky

    Ricardo Chucky combines great talent with humor.

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