Monkey Monday-Burning Safari

Kristin Elder

New Mexico based artist Kristin Elder creates watercolor images of elegant beauty with a twist of magical surrealism that really satisfies. More examples of delicate watercolor work can be found on her blog as well.

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash

(Moments before the doors opened, the only two clear shots of the set up for the next 6 hours.)

Last Saturday we were a part of the annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. We scored a great spot in the gallery space. It turned out to be a tremendous day with a steady stream of customers, new contacts from some great people and loads of sales. Word is the line started at 8 AM for the official 11 AM opening, all for a chance to receive a limited number of giveaway bags. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great day.

We were so busy for most of the day, I was only able to get away from the booth to take a couple of shots of the area towards the end. Earlier it was elbow to elbow.

Steve the Monkey

Steve the monkey has an inclination for gummy bears. All the best bits from “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”

13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances

A limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, of the series “13 Incomplete Chapters of Mysterious Circumstances” is now available. Handbound by Julie here in the Dancing Cat Bindery. Japanese style five hole stab binding with 100% cotton thread. Digitally printed on 65 lb Ivory Linen cover stock with Canson Mi Teintes Ivy textured cover. 13 full color illustrations with text. The book measures 5.5″ x 7″ and is available in the Etsy shop.

Coming Soon…New Wrestle Pets

A handful of new Wrestlepets will be unveiled soon, adding to the original set of 15. These will join the first pack of fur faced fighters in an upcoming new format.

Wandering Book Artists

Check out the Peter and Donna Thomas blog that documents their travels around the country, selling their beautiful and unique handmade books.

Collection A Day

Artist Lisa Congdon has taken upon a project that will span exactly one year, from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 titled Collection A Day.” On each of those 365 days, she vows to photograph or draw (and occasionally paint) one collection.

Chimp My Ride

Newly added to the Etsy Shop,Chimp My Ride.” Two variations of a styling grease monkey in his souped up chimp-mobiles. Also available on T-Shirts & Stuff.

Charles Addams

The work of Charles Addams was a great influence to my career in illustration. His dark humor and sometimes subtle punch lines captivated me from a very early age. I studied a paperback collection of his cartoons over and over, marveling at the way his mind worked and his use of ink and shading. 25 years ago I was inspired to write and thank him for the huge level of inspiration and how he was instrumental to my path towards illustration. In particular, how mesmerized I was as a child with his rendition of a miner spotlighting Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit with his miner’s lamp. Not expecting a response, I was thrilled to receive a letter promptly the next week, responding to my comments about his work and how it had shaped my career path.

Dear Mr. Phillips: “I enjoyed your letter about your first confrontation with one of my books. If only all reactions could be as rewarding!’


Dynamic Duo-Pamela Michelle & Dowdy Studio

Check out the artistic styles of this creative couple. Pamela creates and designs wonderful original artwork in wood, on canvas and on paper. She’s also one of the driving forces behind the Etsy Dallas team. Dylan’s shop has a collection of iconic t-shirt designs that are both cleverly designed and great fun. Both will be at the upcoming Etsy Dallas Spring Bash craft event May 1st.

3-D Prints

Just posted in the Etsy shop, a starter collection of prints utilizing a 3-D effect. More fun than regular old 2-D, these print variations sport an extra punch of fun dimensionality! The 3 levels: Color layer on paper, Plexiglass middle topped by a transparent film layer of line art:

Three in the shop to date with more to follow soon: Time Machine (pictured above) Spirit Tiki and Rocket Tiki

Monkey Monday-Gesundheit

I don’t know about where you live, but the spring pollen has everything covered in an ominous layer of itchy-looking green around here.

Growth Chart

Like some version of the effects of Alice in Wonderland’s “Drink Me” potion, this set of photos shows Brodie’s growth progress over a few months. His favorite cubby hole in my studio was soon left behind for much more expansive areas.

Tiki Series

I recently began a series of Tiki images exploring a graphic, limited color approach. Some in the series tend to skirt the outside boundaries of a screen print type of look. I hope to pick up with this series soon to add more since they’re great fun to create. See the special “twofer” price on the series in the Etsy shop.

Tefi Designs

Stephanie Hindall, a.k.a. Tefi Designs, creates  jewelry with a range from elegant to whimsical, all found within her Etsy shop. The above piece from her “Pea Pod” series is both clever and beautifully designed. Stephanie is a founder and tireless promoter of the Etsy Dallas team created in 2007. Thanks to her efforts, along with co-leaders Pamela Michelle and Carrie Partch, the biannual “Bash” Handmade Arts and Craft shows are a must attend event for area shoppers. If you live in or plan to visit the Dallas area soon, be sure and put the “Spring Bash” on your calendar for May 1st.

Ray-Mel Cornelius

Ray-Mel’s work always offers up a rich serving of color and texture that is immediately and distinctively recognizable. He creates magical landscapes that speak of folk tales and fables, Southwestern wildlife and a special focus on roosters with stunning colors and plumage. Ray-Mel is like the fellow that showed up on the Ed Sullivan show from time to time who would deftly spin several plates on top of sticks. With his focus on illustration, teaching and fine art, he keeps them all spinning smoothly. Be sure to visit his blog as well for recent projects.

Monkey Monday-Run Like the Wind

Darren Di Lieto

The mastermind behind so many different aspects of illustration, Darren Di Lieto is an artist promotion workhorse. Our first connection began several years ago when Darren requested the use of one of my chimp illustrations for use in an early incarnation of his “The Little Chimp Society.” LCS for short, he and his wife Jane maintain a vibrant blog promoting all things related to the illustration industry. Darren has brought to light a tremendous amount of talent through his blog and the “Mail Me Art” projects. I was honored to be a part of the “Mail Me Art” book and exhibition from the first collection. He’s also created the “Hire An Illustrator” site, providing a space for illustrator’s portfolios and promotion. A tip of the hat to Darren for promoting and helping so many talented people in the world of illustration!

My mailed submission used in Darren’s “Mail Me Art” book.

New ChetArt Merchandise Shop

A new shop is now open for business, offering t-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads and more featuring characters from my “Steampunk Monkey Nation,” “World War Monkey” and “Literary Pets” series. Choose from a list of fun shirt colors or liven up your home decor with a General Persnickeybritches coaster for your drink. To see more, visit:

The ChetArt Merchandise Shop.

Tote bag to carry all your bananas.

Cork bottom coaster for your favorite Steampunk beverage.