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Children of the 80s Art Show- Guzu Gallery

| July 30, 2014

(Click to Enlarge) Guzu Gallery presents an art show titled “Children of the 80s” with an opening on Friday August 1st. My contribution, titled “Pee Wee and Mr. T” pays homage to a host of Pee Wee Herman offerings, including “The Pee Wee Herman Show,” “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” and the movie “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” […]

San Diego Comic Con 2014

| July 30, 2014

ChetArt Booth in the Small Press Section The 2014 San Diego Comic Con was a non-stop whirlwind of fun this year. With 4 hours of preview night on Wednesday and 4 full days through Sunday, we saw lots of familiar faces and made loads of new friends. We arrived on Tuesday. From the front door […]

World of Playing Cards

| July 18, 2014

The World of Playing Cards posted a wonderful review of the “Steam Ark”  set. Like this:Like Loading…

ChetArt- San Diego Comic Con 2014

| July 17, 2014

Located in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth O-01 across from Oni Press This year San Diego will be hosting its annual International Comic Con from July 23rd-July 27th, (preview night on the 23rd from 6PM-9PM.) ChetArt will be represented in the Small Press Pavilion in booth O-01 (across from the Oni Press booth.) This year’s […]

Fantasy in the City Show- Ltd. Art Gallery

| July 10, 2014

July 18th marks the opening of Ltd. Art Gallery’s “Fantasy in the City” show. Artists will present their concepts of characters from various worlds of fantasy placed in modern day surroundings. My contribution (above)  is titled “Sauron’s Raiders.” Visit the official Facebook event page HERE for more. Like this:Like Loading…

ChetArt Vinyl Stickers

| July 8, 2014

“Coin Operated” (a.k.a. Lil’ Cthulhu) measures approx. 4″ x 3″ New in the ChetArt shop: Vinyl stickers that showcase 2 images from the “Childhood” book and print series. Both are printed on high quality vinyl, appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. “Big Wheel Turning” measures approx. 4″ x 3.5″ ~Find Both in the ChetArt […]

Steam Ark Playing Cards

| June 25, 2014

Steam Ark is an alternate universe of Victorian, Steampunk flavored animal characters. Each group is comprised of a particular type of animal: Aerie Clan- Birds, Simian Clan- Monkeys and Apes, Woodland Clan- Forest Creatures and Predator Clan- Big Cats. 52 individual portraits of characters from each Clan are represented in a casino quality, plastic coated […]

Steam Ark Trading Cards

| June 25, 2014

The Steam Ark trading card set delves into the lives and occupations of the inhabitants of a Victorian Steampunk alternate universe. 52 cards in all, each has a full color portrait with name, affiliations, Clan motto, rank, specialties and quote on the reverse. Cards measure 2.25″ x 3.75″ and are printed on 100 gloss stock. […]

Childhood- ChetArt Hand Bound Book

| June 11, 2014

48 Page Book- 20 Color Illustrations with Text and Haiku Poems “Childhood“ is a hand bound book of Japanese styled illustrations paying homage to nostalgic activities and toys. Each image showcases playful parodies of a variety of characters from films, TV and pop culture. This 48 page book contains 20 full color illustrations. Haiku poetry […]

Father’s Day- Give The Gift of ChetArt

| May 25, 2014

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Shop from hundreds of items in the ChetArt online store for fun images Dads will love. ~Click Here To Browse the Store~ Previewed above, starting top left: Monkey Trek  Monkey Wars  Breaking Bad  The Big Lebowski  Sanctuary  Lord Cthulhu  MST3K Attacks!  The Wagging Dead   Like this:Like Loading…

Kings of Cult- Hero Complex Gallery

| May 19, 2014

~Click Here To See The Print In The Online Shop~ Hero Complex Gallery, in collaboration with Trailers From Hell, presents an event honoring the work of film legends Roger Corman and Joe Dante. From the “Kings of Cult” show page: HCG is proud and honored to present this pop-art tribute to the two legendary directors and […]

May the Fourth Be With You

| May 4, 2014

Celebrating Star Wars Day with “Monkey Wars.” Available as a signed print: 8 x 10 or 11 x 14. Like this:Like Loading…

“Fargo” the TV Series

| April 1, 2014

With executive producer backing from Joel and Ethan Coen, the limited episode TV series “Fargo” is set to drop later this month. With new characters and crime to explore, I’m hoping the flavor of the original will shine through. Headlining the cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks. The movie “Fargo” is one […]

Strange Beasts 2- Guzu Gallery Show

| March 26, 2014

Guzu Gallery in Austin presents its “Strange Beasts 2” show with a tribute to Godzilla, the king of the monsters. Each artist was asked to pair Godzilla off with the foe of their choice. My contribution, titled “Boss Battle,” matches Godzilla with King Kong for some fierce two player combat. Available as a signed limited edition […]

Mint Condition Issue #3- Ltd. Gallery Seattle

| March 25, 2014

“Ka-Pow!” Ltd. Gallery in Seattle will be presenting their “Mint Condition Issue #3″ art show with a reception on Friday March 28th. The theme is all things comic book related with a tip of the cape to Emerald City Comicon just down the street from the gallery. My contributions are a Napoleon Dynamite/Batman mashup and […]

ChetArt Storewide Sale

| March 21, 2014

To celebrate passing the milestone of 5000 sales, the ChetArt online shop is offering a storewide 20% off sale. (Limited time offer. Sale ends without notice.) Visit here to browse over 650 items on sale. Like this:Like Loading…

King For a Day Show- Hero Complex Gallery

| March 18, 2014

Hero Complex Gallery presents the “King For A Day” art show, a tribute to Stephen King’s full body of collected works. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit Mr. King’s charity, The Haven Foundation.  The Haven Foundation is a non-profit service that benefits freelance creatives of all types that find themselves unable […]

Strange Beasts 2 Show

| March 11, 2014

The “Strange Beasts 2″ art show will showcase a variety of artist’s work with the theme of Godzilla vs. the foe of their choice at Austin’s Guzu Gallery. ChetArt will be represented with a limited edition of 25. Stayed tuned for more as the reception date draws near. Like this:Like Loading…

ChetArt in Ender’s Game set design

| February 21, 2014

(click image to enlarge) A group of ChetArt images were used in the set design for Ender’s room in the film Ender’s Game. (see previous post) Along with the purchased images, (Space Race Monkey on display behind Asa Butterfield’s head,) the set designers also included the promo pieces I sent along (Society of Sinister Simians […]

Austin Flea- Valentine’s Day Style

| February 7, 2014

If you’re in the Austin area on Saturday, come on over to the Austin Flea event and take care of all your Valentine’s Day shopping. 40+ ultra-talented artists will be presenting their handmade creations, including ChetArt. Located at Opal Divine’s Penn Field from 11AM-5PM. Skip the stale gas station box of chocolates for something truly […]

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