Artistic Pets Trading Card Set

Introducing”Artistic Pets,” a look into the lives of famous artists with canine and feline personalities. Test your knowledge of this alternative universe of four-legged art history.

Take the Artistic Pets Quiz:

1. This artist is famed for his fresco work on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel’s dog house.

2. American abstract expressionist painter made famous by his “Action Litter Box” drip and splash experiments.

3.Diminutive French painter known for documenting Parisian night life, especially the characters associated with the Meowlin Rouge cabaret.

4. American painter and printmaker who was a leader in the Pup Art movement. He achieved a portion of his more than 15 minutes of fame with his silkscreen portrait of Elvis Hound Dog.

(answers at the end of this post)

20 card set with full color portrait of each artist with biographical info on reverse. Each card measures 2 1/4″ x 4″ printed on sturdy 14 pt.cover stock and packaged in hand crafted paper portfolio.

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Answers to the quiz: 1.MichelangeLab 2.Catson Pollock 3.Henri de ToyFox-Lautrec 4.Andy Warhowl

Update: Now you can play a combined Literary Pets and Artistic Pets Quiz online at Click THIS LINK or the image below to start.

Author: Chet

Chet Phillips works as a freelance illustrator, creating "digital scratchboard" creations for a host of commercial clients. As usual, no electrons are harmed in the process.

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  1. I have to tell you that Labrador Dali just cracks me up! Each morning when I start my illustration day I often see your work popping up on my Painter X welcome screen. It is always a reminder to come here to check out what’s new. I am never disappointed.

  2. I really would love to give this set to my younger step brother, he’s in love with cats and he’s got an awesome sense of humor, can I get them online somehow??

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